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It should be painfully clear that I have a lot of fun putting Pezhead Monthly together every month. Now here's your chance to have some Pez fun as well. For example...

Pez Poetry Slam videos- I performed a live Pez Poetry Slam at Pezamania 19. Here are some videos of the event.

A Pezamania 16 Slideshow- I had a fantastic time at Pezamania 16. Check out these pictures, including some of the many new addiitons to my collection.

Travelin' On: A Fred Slideshow- Check out some of the neat places Fred the Traveling Pez Dispenser has visited.

Hall and Oates Pez Songs- Five songs that might have been if Hall and Oates were Pez dispensers.

Pezamania 13: A Photo Journey- Surf through some pictures of my adventures at Pezamania 13, including some of the new additions to my collection.

The Random Pez Almost-Quote- Get a random Pez Almost-Quote, taken directly from the pages of Pezhead Monthly. Then click "Refresh" in your browser... and again... and again... and again...

John Lennon Pez Songs- Here are two songs that might have been had the legendary John Lennon been a Pez dispenser.

Songs Composed in Anticipation of Pezamania 12- As someone once said, the waiting is the hardest part. This was certainly the case with Pezamania 12, especially as the day drew closer. Enjoy these three songs that I put together in anticipation of the grand occasion.

Pez Fortune Dispenser- Forget Miss Cleo, let the PezheadMonthly.com logo dispenser see what's in the stars for you.

The Story of Pez, Rewritten- Take over the steering wheel on the big ol' jet airliner that is Pez, courtesy of Pezhead Monthly. It's your chance to rewrite the past, present, and future of this treat to eat in a toy that's neat.

Elvis Pez Being Chased by Cowboy Pez- Even Pez dispensers occasionally get upset. While the cause of Cowboy Pez's anger towards Elvis Pez is not immediately evident, it's a safe bet that his suspicious mind caused him to become all shook up, and also that he does not plan on loving him tender should he ever catch him.

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