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Three Point Nine
(To the tune of "Song Sung Blue")
Copyright 2005 JoePez Publications

Three Point Nine,
That's the patent number
Three Point Nine
Fills my heart with wonder

A work of art at the flea mart just waitin' to be found
And when you come across it, you just can't help
But make a joyful sound,
Such a joyful sound

Three Point Nine,
Some would call it vintage.
Three Point Nine,
I'd say a good percintage.

Feet or not, what you got is a Pez from long ago
Set it on your shelf and share it with your friends,
And let the magic grow.


Many tales of garage sales with some Pez finds have been told
Pay a couple bucks for a shoebox full of joy
And get some Pez that's old,
You get some Pez that's old.

Three Point Nine,
Drink up that sweet nectar
Three Point Nine
Bliss for a collector.

Feet or not, what you got is a Pez from long ago …

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