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My Pez Clown
To the tune of “My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen
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I was 12 years old at a five and dime
On vacation
And there in the candy aisle up on the rack
Was where it was hung
I stared for a while unable to move
I didn't make a sound
Then I said to myself as I took it up front
"This is your Pez clown"
This is your Pez clown
This is your Pez clown
This is your Pez clown

A 4.9 on your patent line
You were made in Hungary
Had a festive head on a stem of red
With a blue hat that read "P-E-Z"
In the store I bet you were ignored
For weeks or maybe for months
But on my shelf you can be yourself
A new life has begun for my Pez clown
My Pez clown
My Pez clown
My Pez clown

Now I found three more stem colors
At other stores
And then a whole new head mold
Well that's five more
Got a giant and some party favors
Yeah life couldn't be sweeter
Thanks in no small part to you all,
A plethora of Peters, oh you're Pez clowns
You're Pez clowns
You're Pez clowns
You're Pez clowns

Last night in a dream a clown was after me
I think it was Pennywise
I woke up in a sweat and tried to forget
Being terrorized
But then I recalled at that five and dime
The way that I felt
It brightened my day and still does today
When I tell myself
"This is your Pez clown"

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