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Join My Pez Display
To the tune of "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin
Copyright 2007 JoePez Publications

Driving to the drug store,
On this old, familiar lane
Parking in the last spot,
In the heavy, pouring rain
Racing to the door, I
Long to finally get inside
Noticing some new Pez,
I fall to my knees and say

Join my Pez display
Join my Pez display

Dancing down the aisle,
Slowly with my newest find,
Eventually arriving
At the checkout counter line
Paying the cashier, then
Racing through the rain outside
People staring at me
As I turn to you and say,

Join my Pez display

Now at last you've got a new home,
Your bag, I'll rip away
No longer will you feel so alone,
And soon I'll hear you say
If only for today,
"I am unafraid."

Join my Pez display
Join my Pez display

There upon the top shelf,
You are very gently placed.
Memories of bad times,
Soon they all will be erased.
Standing next to others,
Looking sharp and feeling great,
Hoping that another
Soon will know this special day, hey hey

Join my Pez display
Join my Pez display
Join my Pez display
Join my Pez display

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