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Dispensers on the Rack
To the tune of "Strangers In the Night" as performed by Frank Sinatra
Copyright 2005 JoePez Publications

Dispensers on the rack, a dollar fifty,
Hanging here with you, it would be nifty
If a passerby would stop and find us here

Something on your card, it’s so appealin’
Something in the lights up on the ceilin’
Makes you shine just like a newborn baby’s rear

Dispensers on the rack, two souls suspendin’,
We’re dispensers on the rack, our lives dependin’
On someone to find us neat,
Wouldn’t that be sweet,
We can have a deep affection, as a part of their collection

Here comes someone now, and I’m supposin’
That before too long, we will be chosen
There’s no turning back
For dispensers on the rack.

Doobie doobie doo, a dooby dooby
Pez for me and you, that sure is groovy

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