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Rudolph the Pez Collector
(To the tune of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")
Copyright 2001 JoePez Publications

Rudolph the Pez Collector
Had a very nice display,
And if you ever saw it
You'd know the power of eBay.
Each of his Pez dispensers
Gave his shelf a special touch;
His collection was always growing,
But there never was too much.

Then one frosty winter day,
Rudolph's son did say
"Daddy, when I come of age
Can I give your Pez a stage?

Soon Rudolph's Pez dispensers
Passed on down the family tree.
Rudolph the Pez Collector,
You'll go down in Pez-story!

Jingle Pez
(To the tune of "Jingle Bells")
Copyright 2001 JoePez Publications

Dashing to the store,
In my souped-up Pezmobile,
To that Pez display
Which has so much appeal
(Ho ho ho)
I looked through rows and rows,
Trying best I can,
'Twas bliss when I did come across
A big-head Spiderman.

Oh, Jingle Pez, Jingle Pez,
Candy and a toy!
Oh what fun collecting is
For ev'ry girl and boy!

O Pez Display
(To the tune of "O Christmas Tree")
Copyright 2001 JoePez Publications

O Pez Display, O Pez Display!
I browse through your selection!
O Pez Display, O Pez Display!
You give my life direction!

I hope there's more upon your racks
Than just those boring refill packs.

O Pez Display, O Pez Display!
You give my life direction!

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