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Petey O'Jay

Who is Petey O'Jay?

As described in his debut in the March 2002 issue of Pezhead Monthly, "Everyone needs a hero, someone who speaks to them and for them, someone who puts into words and actions their hopes, dreams, and fears. Well, he may not wear a mask and cape, he may not leap tall buildings in a single bound, and he may not have a secret identity, but Petey O'Jay is a Pezhead's hero. Pezhead Monthly is the exclusive source for catching up on his tireless efforts to bring Pez to this world, and to find it wherever possible."

Where did Petey O'Jay's name come from?

Petey's name comes from the letters PDOJ, a well-known acronym in the Pezhead community that stands for "Pez Dance of Joy." A PDOJ ocurs whenever a new or highly sought after Pez is found, be it at a store, garage sale, Pez convention, flea market, or anywhere Pez may be found.

How can you keep up with Petey O'Jay?

Petey has a comic strip here on the pages of Pezhead Monthly which occurs at somewhat infrequent intervals. Below is the current strip. You can click on each strip to go to another one.

Petey and Twitter, October 2010

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