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You can search Pezhead Monthly's vast archives in a number of ways:

Browsing by feature allows you to browse by some of the more frequently appearing features of this site, including Pez Haikus, Pez songs, the Random Pez Almost-Quote, and Five Questions ("interviews" with Pez dispensers and other items). There are also various compilations of holiday-related content, ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas. Lastly, there is a link to my YouTube page that features all of the videos posted to this site over the years.

Browsing by Pez Poetry Slam allows you to browse by the many compilations of Pez Poetry over the years. While this is not a complete accounting of all Pez Poetry across the site, each Pez Poetry Slam contains several entries in various formats. Also included is a YouTube link to selections from the live Pez Poetry Slam that I performed at Pezamania 19 in 2009.

If you've got lots of time on your hands, browsing by volume will take you through each of the many volumes and the 130+ issues of Pezhead Monthly, dating back to the first issue in August 2001.

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