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You can search Pezhead Monthly's vast archives in a number of ways:

  • Use the search bar at the top of this page for a Google search of this website. Do you have a favorite dispenser or other aspect of the hobby? Chances are, Pezhead Monthly has touched on it at some point.
  • Browsing by feature allows you to browse by some of the more frequently appearing features of this site, including Pez Haikus, Pez songs, the Random Pez Almost-Quote, and Five Questions ("interviews" with Pez dispensers and other items). There are also various compilations of holiday-related content, ranging from Valentine's Day to Christmas. Lastly, there is a link to my YouTube page that features all of the videos posted to this site over the years.
  • Browsing by Pez Poetry Slam allows you to browse by the many compilations of Pez Poetry over the years. While this is not a complete accounting of all Pez Poetry across the site, each Pez Poetry Slam contains several entries in various formats. Also included is a YouTube link to selections from the live Pez Poetry Slam that I performed at Pezamania 19 in 2009.
  • If you've got lots of time on your hands, browsing by volume will take you through each of the many volumes and the 130+ issues of Pezhead Monthly, dating back to the first issue in August 2001.

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