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Pezhead Monthly
July 2004

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

It's hard to believe, but this issue of Pezhead Monthly wraps up the third year for the newsletter! That's a heck of a lot of Pez poetry, interviews with dispensers, cartoons, and other assorted Pez shenanegins. And starting with next month's recap of Pezamania 14, we'll do it all over again for Year Number Four.

This month, we feature the second photo essay ever in Pezhead Monthly history. The first photo essay dealt with the timeless topic of Pez dispensers in love; this one presents an alternate history of America and Pez through a photographic perspective, to celebrate the independence of this great nation and the freedom that Pez gives us all. Also featured is an interview with the famed Rhino Whistle Pez, some Pez Poetry, and of course the Pez Almost-Quote of the Month.

I look forward to returning to the pages of Pezhead Monthly next month and sharing all the excitement of Pezamania 14. Until then, take care and keep that Pez train a-rollin' on.

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly



America and Pez: A Pezhead Monthly Photo Essay top of page | cover page

This month, we in America celebrate the independence we earned 228 years ago. We stop to reflect on the freedom that we all enjoy and sometimes take for granted. And Pezhead Monthly believes that it is impossible to celebrate America and not celebrate Pez at the same time. After all, it has been an integral part of the American pop culture scene for over 50 years now.

During the course of its tenacious research, Pezhead Monthly came across some photographic evidence that Pez may have been around longer than we thought. Have a look at some of the places where Pez has popped up in American history...

The Signing of the United States Constitution


When our Founding Fathers put together the Constitution for the United States, they realized what a great work they were undertaking. When it was all said and done, they knew they had to sign their names in style. Feather pens were considered a possibility, but they eventually settled on the comfortable grip of the Pez Pen, as shown above.

The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty

When America opened its doors to immigrants from across the land, not just any old statue would do. No, a statue had to be found that would be a beacon of hope to all who saw it, a chance to realize that yes, the American Dream was possible for anybody. When Lady Liberty holds Homer Simpson Pez up high for all to see, you can almost hear her proclaim, "Give me your poor, your weak, your huddled masses... mmm, huddled masses."

The Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Clearly, Abraham Lincoln was a big Pez fan. It is often overlooked that when he posed for his famous memorial statue, he happened to be wearing his favorite Pez shirt.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Pezmore

When it was decided that a tribute was needed for some of the greatest men in American history, several sites were carefully researched. The best site, it turns out, was on Mount Pezmore, where Incredible Hulk Pez had already been carved years before. For more than forty years, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln shared a mountainside with Incredible Hulk Pez. Sadly, during the tragic avalanche of 1971, the Incredible Hulk Pez carving fell to rubble. One onlooker famously noted, "Hulk angry." The whole thing happened so quickly that the memorial was renamed as Mount Rushmore.

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