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Pezhead Monthly
May 2004

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to the pages of Pezhead Monthly.

This month is a very special one, because in addition to the Pezhead Monthly fixture Pez Almost-Quote of the Month, the Pez Poetry Slam is once again upon us here in May 2004. This third go-around features 14 diverse poems from several contributors. I am thrilled for this experience and have personally invested a lot of time and effort into making this year's Pez Poetry Slam the best it could be (particularly the rather long "The Raven Pez " poem, a tip of the hat to Edgar Allen Poe's classic "The Raven"). I am sure the same can be said of all the contributors this year.

As a reminder, you don't need to wait for the annual Pez Poetry Slam to submit your poetry, fiction, humor, artwork, photography, memoir, etc. to Pezhead Monthly, because your submissions are accepted year-round.

Enjoy this issue and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly



2004 Pez Poetry Slam top of page | cover page

2004 Pez Poetry SlamThe third annual Pez Poetry Slam continues in the grand tradition of the 2002 and 2003 Pez Poetry Slams. The concept is simple: an entire issue (with the exception of a brief welcome message from the editor and the obligatory Pez Almost-Quote of the Month) is dedicated to a wide variety and a large quantity of Pez Poetry. This year we have 14 poems, ranging from haikus and limericks to some longer pieces, including an homage to the Edgar Allan Poe classic, "The Raven."

Heartfelt thanks go out to all contributors who took the time and effort to submit their Pez Poetry this year.

So please, sit back and enjoy the 2004 Pez Poetry Slam.

Fantasy Dispensers
(or How to Make Money by Ruining Collectables)
By Chaz

I bought the Simpsons famliy,
And I painted 'em jet black,
I sold 'em on eBay as AA Simps,
And that's the end of that!

I bought a Retro Regular,
And stuck on a Happy Meal toy,
I sold 'em on eBay for 100 dollars,
And that's the end of that!


Pez Haiku #37
By Joe Durrant

It was ten years back
When Pez came into my life.
It hasn't left since.

By Phyllis Suplees

Pez, do you hear what I sez?
I'm talking bout Pez .

The treat with flipable heads,
It could only be Pez.

I Gave My Love a Pez
By Joe Durrant

I gave my love a Pez,
And she just stared at me.
I tried to tell her that it meant
That like Pez she was sweet

She told me that she hated
Those candies shaped like bricks,
And if I were to be her man,
I'd better lose them quick.

I gave my love a Pez,
But that was long ago.
She may be sent from up above,
I guess I'll never know.

The Shape I'm In
By Joe Durrant

Pez Haiku #38
By Joe Durrant

When it hears that Pez
Is licensing more and more,
My bank account weeps.

By Joe Durrant

There once was a Pezhead named Morris
Who drove around town in his Taurus.
When on a Pez spree,
He'd brake suddenly
And pounce like a Tyrannosaurus.

The 2004 Pez Poetry Slam continues here...

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