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Pezhead Monthly
April 2009

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Hello and welcome to another issue of Pezhead Monthly! I am pleased to report that there's been a lot of Pez action happening as of late. Not only have I picked up the new dispensers in the Star Wars set (will they ever stop making Star Wars Pez?? I for one hope not!), the Madagascar gift set, and several others from various new and recent sets, but I have also made great progress in my Pez organizing project. Hopefully I can provide an update on this last point in an upcoming issue.

In this issue, there is much Pez joy to be felt. We start off with a grand announcement: The 2009 Pez Poetry Slam, which will be both on the pages of the June issue of Pezhead Monthly and LIVE at Pezamania 19! As if that wasn't enough, I also chronicle in words and pictures a project I recently undertook to create custom Pez dispensers for my girlfriend's birthday. Rounding out the issue, as predicted by Nostrodamus himself, is some Pez Poetry and the Pez Almost-Quote of the Month.

I'm greatly looking forward to all of the exciting Pez developments set for the next few months. Stay tuned to learn more about it. And of course, your questions, comments, and submissions are always welcome.

Take care and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


Announcing the 2009 Pez Poetry Slam! top of page | cover page

Yes, it's true: the Pez Poetry Slam is back! After a hiatus last year, this annual celebration of all things Pez poetic, this Pezhead Monthly tradition, will return in the June 2009 issue. Submissions are welcome up to Sunday, May 30, 2009.

But that's not all! Thanks to the kindness of John and Linda Gliha, hosts of Pezamania 19, there will also be a LIVE performance of the Pez Poetry Slam at the big convention in July. This event will feature Pez poems from the past 8 years of Pezhead Monthly. In addition, you can submit and even perform your own Pez poems at this event!

If you would like to submit to the 2009 Pez Poetry Slam, or if you'd like to perform at the LIVE Pez Poetry Slam at Pezamania, or, heck, if you'd like to do both, then hop on over to the Pez Poetry Slam page here.

Remember the timing, and get to Pez rhyming! Thanks very much!

It's Alive! Building a Custom Pez Gift Set top of page | cover page

For my girlfriend's birthday last week, I wanted to give her something special. After all, this is the girl who took me to an Elvis Tribute Artist concert for my birthday a few months back. So, after putting some thought into it, I decided to give her big gift her very own customized Pez collection, including two custom made dispensers- Super Grover and Seth Green- and one official European Pez dispenser- Melman the Giraffe from Madagascar.

While this sounded like a good idea at first (and, spoiler alert, she liked it!), almost immediately I realized that, true, this would be a fun gift to put together, but it would also be a lot of work. After all, I had never made a customized Pez dispenser, let alone two, and I didn't know of any designers or artists who could help out in the relatively short timeframe I had.

So, I hit eBay. And JoAnn Fabrics. And Staples. And Michaels, and then Michaels again, and again and again and again. I even sacrificed a few of my own dispensers, which I am confident I will be able to replace at Pezamania 19.

What follows is an account of my progress over the course of this project. It wasn't always smooth sailing, but the end result was something I was quite proud of, and also something that my girlfriend can enjoy for many years to come.

When I discovered that the heads for my custom dispensers would not fit on a typical Pez, I had to brainstorm what to do. What I finaly decided to do was use a head from an existing Pez dispenser. And the smallest and therefore most obvious head was on the regular Pez remakes from the 90s.

However, with this a new problem presented itself: the regular Pez did not have feet, and I needed a Pez dispenser with feet. So I realized that I would need to a) remove the head of the regular Pez, and b) attach it to the stem of another dispenser. This involved some tough decision-making, followed by some surgery. For Super Grover, after a disastrous first attempt with Snow White, Jeff Gordon was the (un)lucky winner. For Seth Green, it was Fred Flintstone.

However, the hinge holes for the regular heads were just a bit too small for the nubs on the dispenser sleeve. So again, some minor surgery was needed.

The next step was to craft the bases, which would go over the regular heads and would provide a flat surface for the heads of the new dispensers. I considered various ways to do this but ultimately decided on air hardening clay. After a few failed attempts, I finally got the bases sculpted and fit on the dispensers.

Before super-glueing the bases to the dispensers, I painted them using acrylic paint.

With the dispensers ready, base and all, it was time for some more surgery. This was the part that I was dreading, because it would involve decapitating some innocent creatures. But, I had to remind myself, the end result was a new Pez dispenser, so all is good. The ends truly do justify the means. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

First off was Super Grover. Super Grover started off as a pen that I found on eBay. When the seller mysteriously pulled the auction, I asked her why. She said that she did not have the dispenser new in bag as she originally thought. When I told her that it didn't matter, because I was creating a custom Pez dispenser for my girlfriend, she laughed quite heartily and sent it on to me.

When it came to the actual surgery, I could hardly bear to look as I pulled the Grover pen apart and eventually had to use the scissors. I'll let these pictures speak for themselves.

The story continues here...


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