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Pezhead Monthly
March 2012

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The 3rd Annual Pezzy Awards (continued) top of page | cover page

Set of the Year

Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron Wal-Mart Exclusive Set

There were lots of great Pez sets this year. Some of them came in special collector boxes, like the US Presidents or the Lord of the Rings. Others were standard sets sold individually, such as the Walmart haulers, the Justice League heroes, and Phineas and Ferb (and Perry). The European sets deserve a mention, too, especially the great Mr. Men and Hello Kitty skull sets. And heck, we were treated not one, but two sets of Cars dispensers- an updated set to celebrate the release of the Cars 2 movie, and a second set that featured pull and go magnetic cars that could actually detach from their dispenser base, and zoom across flat surfaces to the enjoyment of kids of all ages, and to the frustration of many pets, no doubt.

But in the end, there was one set to rule them all. And that set, winning the coveted Pezzy Award for Set of the Year, is none other than Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron.

Lord of the Rings: Sauron

When I first found the Lord of the Rings set in September, I was so excited that I tweeted about it, not once but twice. And I am not even a big fan of the Lord of the Rings books or movies, but I respect its place in pop culture, and was quite impressed with the set. Like the recent sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Wizard of Oz, the Lord of the Rings set had several well designed dispensers, all inside a unique box that really enhanced the presentation. The Lord of the Rings set in particular had biographies of each of the characters on the dispensers, and some great artwork on the front of the box and as background inside the box, behind the dispensers. So, I was convinced that this would be the set of the year.

… Until just one month later, when I received a hot tip that there was a special Lord of the Rings collector’s set, available only at Walmart stores. I had not even heard about this set, so I was very excited to go hunting for it. (I even wrote a song about this experience)

The Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron set took everything that was great about the original Lord of the Rings set, and then it kicked it up a notch or three. It replaced Bilbo Baggins with a special Eye of Sauron dispenser, a piece that was so very cool that it came dangerously close ot being named Dispenser of the Year.

So, for going that extra step in making an awesome Pez collector’s set even better, I enthusiastically give the Pezzy Award for Set of the Year to Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron.

Dispenser of the Year


You really have to hand it to Pez Inc.: there were lots of well-designed Pez dispensers released last year. Some were part of a hot set, such as Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings set, or any of the dispensers from the US Presidents set. Others were unique in their own right, such as the new Halloween Witch or Perry from Phineas and Ferb. Not to mention, the past year was a fantastic one for superhero Pez, with both DC and Marvel adding new dispensers to their line-up. It was great to see a revised Thor and Captain America, and you know I will never complain about another Batman joining the party.

But one Pez dispenser stood above them all. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to dispense 12 Pez candies with a single tilt (or maybe 12 tilts, who’s counting), the Pezzy Award for Dispenser of the Year goes to: Superman!

Superman Pez

Now I will admit, a big reason for Superman being chosen as Dispenser of the Year was the sheer anticipation of it all. Since Pez started to put characters on dispensers, Superman has always been a wish for many Pezheads, and for this Pezhead in particular. After many different variations of Batman and Wonder Woman, the lack of Supes as a Pez dispenser stood out like a sore thumb.

But beyond the anticipation, Superman is just a great looking Pez. There is great detail in the face and hair, and the bust style of the dispenser (also used for the two other Justice League dispensers, Batman and Green Lantern) allows that iconic “S” to stand out proud. Everything about this dispenser, right down to its awesome blue stem, says Pez perfection.

Well… near perfection at least. The only way this Pez could be any better is if it came with a long cape, like the Batman dispenser from the 1960s. Oh well. Maybe Superman B will come with a cape? For now, last year’s Superman Pez release soars up, up, and away with the Pezzy Award for Dispenser of the Year.

...And there you have it, the 3rd Annual Pezzy Award winners! Thanks to Pez for another great year filled with excellent scores and experiences. Here's to many, many more!

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Five Questions for the Darth Maul Pez Dispenser top of page | cover page

Editor’s Note: This interview contains spoilers about the fates of Darth Maul and other characters from the Star Wars movies.

Darth Maul Pez
Darth Maul Pez is a cut above the rest.


Pezhead Monthly: Darth Maul Pez, thanks very much for joining us. You are actually the fourth Star Wars Pez dispenser to be interviewed by this publication, which is fitting as Darth Maul was featured in the fourth Star Wars movie. Well, actually, it was the first movie Star Wars movie sequentially, but it was the fourth movie released in theaters… and, uh, I forgot where I was going with that. Anyway, how does it feel to be a part of the Pez family?

Darth Maul PezIt feels great! I mean, you know, for a Lord of the Sith and what have you. Not quite as good as hunting down Jedi, of course. But I am trying to cool it with the Jedi hunting now that I am a Pez. Now, instead of wielding a wicked cool dual blade lightsaber, I dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. I would say that’s a fair trade-off.

PM: That’s a good way of looking at things. I see that you were released with a redesigned Yoda Pez as well. As a veteran of the Pez family, was he more of a benefit or a threat to you?

DMP: Well, despite being mortal enemies under other circumstances, he really is quite cool. He introduced me to all of the other Star Wars dispensers, and assured them that even though I have these freaky yellow eyes, I mean them no harm. That was much appreciated. After a while, it got a little old with him lifting me in the air with The Force, but I just chalked that up to hassling the new guy.

PM:  I suppose that’s all you can do when you’re the new Pez on the block. I have heard that it is smart to judge Yoda Pez not by his size. Now, not to make things uncomfortable, Darth Maul Pez, but things don’t exactly end well for your counterpart in “The Phantom Menace.” You know, getting cut in half by Obi-Wan and all that. Do you worry if or when this same fate may fall upon you, or can you just shrug it off?

DMP:  I’m not going to lie, it’s always there in the back of my head. No thanks to Obi-Wan Pez, who can be a real prankster. One time he left an advertisement for Valentine’s Day Pez in front of me. The catch? It was after Valentine’s Day, so the ad read “Half Off.” Real funny, Kenobi. Har de har. Then another time he dedicated a song to me on the radio, which would normally have been a nice gesture, except that it was “Creep” by Stone Temple Pilots, and it had the line “I’m half the man I used to be.” What a cut-up he is. I… oh wait a minute. “Cut-up”? Now he’s got me doing it!! Make it stop!

PM: I can see that this has taken quite a toll on you. But hopefully you know after all is said and done, he wouldn’t actually cut you in half like he did in the movie?

DMP: I would think so. I mean, he’s a good guy, right? And it’s not like he’d put a fellow Pez dispenser in harm’s way. Although Anakin Pez, if you are reading this, I would still watch your back. Especially if Obi-Wan Pez suggests taking a stroll near any random pools of lava. Kidding! Well, not really.

In the end, I am not really worried about a fellow Pez dispenser finishing me off. However… if it was an excited child who pulls me back too quickly and forcefully to load me up with Pez, accidentally snapping me in two? O, cruel fate! I will admit, that sometimes keeps me up at night.

PM: Well for what it’s worth, I am definitely sorry for any added stress that this interview may have caused you. But to end things on a positive note, Darth Maul Pez, may I just say that you are one of the best designed Pez dispensers in the Star Wars set, and for that matter one of the coolest dispensers in recent memory. What does the future hold in store for you?

DMP:  I’m not really sure, but I’d like to think that the sky’s the limit. After all, I am a Pez dispenser and it does not get much better than that. I just hope that people are able to find me in stores, because even though I’ve got a bit of a dark side, I do enjoy spreading the Pez love. And hey, if you can’t find me at the local drug store, maybe you’ll have more luck at your shopping maul. Ha ha, get it? Shopping “Maul”? Oh man, I am laughing so hard my sides are splitting. And speaking of splitting sides, thanks a lot, Obi-Wan!

Pez Poetry top of page | cover page

Spring It Forward

Spring it forward, so they say,
Give an hour right away.
The time you had, it now is lost,
I wonder if it’s worth the cost.

But days grow longer, that’s the charm,
And sunshine spreads its open arms,
And suddenly there’s so much time;
Springing forward is sublime.

My wrist is restless as it flicks,
Springing forward candy bricks,
For every Pez that is dispensed,
The number left becomes condensed.

But when it leaves, it does arrive
In better places where it thrives,
In hands and hearts, in eyes and smiles,
An instant lift, a thousand miles.

Although that loss at first may sting,
I know the joy it soon will bring.
Spreading goodness, that’s the thing;
I celebrate the forward spring.

Pez Haiku #128

The Magic Kingdom
Would be even more magic
If there was more Pez.

Pez Almost-Quote of the Month top of page | cover page

"Help me Pez dispensers, you're my only hope."

Completing the Set: The Marvel Giants top of page | cover page

And finally, one of my recent Pez scores was the Giant  Hulk Pez. While this was a great score on its own, it also was the first time I have ever completed a full set of Pez Giants! Although I am proud of this feat, due mainly to spacing concerns I probably won't try it again with another set. But when it came to the Marvel Superheroes, how could I possibly resist?

Here is a picture of all 5 Marvel Superhero giants. Pretty cool!  

Marvel Giants

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