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Pezhead Monthly
March 2011

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Spring Loaded: A Message from the Editor top of page | cover page

Welcome to another action-packed issue of Pezhead Monthly!

I had a pretty interesting month on the Pez front. In terms of new additions to my collection, I only added one new piece, though it's great one: the new green-stemmed variation of the Chocolate Easter Bunny. The big news, though, was that I registered to attend the 13th Northeast Pez convention in Stamford, Connecticut, happening on April 7-9. This will be my first time at this convention, so I am very excited. Look for a full recap in the May issue.

Turning to this issue of Pezhead Monthly, there's a lot going on this month. For starters, we have the 2nd Annual Pezzy Awards, a look back at some of the Pez highlights of the last year (well, for me, anyway). And there is, of course, some Pez Poetry and the Pez Almost-Quote of the Month. I also touch upon some of thie things I am looking forward to for the 13th Northeast Pez convention. Lastly, I announce a new t-shirt to commemorate 10 years of Pezhead Monthly.

Thanks for reading Pezhead Monthly, and remember that your comments, questions, and submissions are always welcome. Take care and see you next month!

Joe Durrant
Editor, Pezhead Monthly


The 2nd Annual Pezzy Awards top of page | cover page

Last year, Pezhead Monthly started a new tradition: the 1st Annual Pezzy Awards. These awards were meant to honor highlights of the Pez world from the previous year, at least in my own humble experience. Other Pezheads' mileage may vary, but I thought it was at least appropriate to share what thought were the Pez crowning achievements of the last year. I figured if movies, TV, music, etc. can have their own awards, why not Pez?

And here we are again, as the 2nd Annual Pezzy Awards have arrived. This year, I was hoping to incorporate some additional categories/awards from readers, but alas, a severe lack of time (and, yes, planning) prevented that.

Before we get to this year's awards, here again is the all-important disclaimer: just like this website, these awards are not affiliated in any way with Pez Candy, Inc. They are just a reflection of the many ways that Pez has affected me on a personal level over the course of the past year.

And now, I am proud to present this year's Pezzy Awards!


Pez Autograph of the Year

Adam West (on Batman Pez)

I only recently started adding autographed Pez dispensers to my collection. Part of what kept me away from this in the past was a general shyness about meeting famous people, as well as the necessary access to said famous people. But, after breaking the ice with Donny Edwards, Elvis Tribute Artist extraordinaire, not to mention the perpetually cool Henry Winkler, my courage gradually increased and I learned to keep an ear to the ground to hear of when and where celebrities may be coming within traveling distance.

In 2010, I made it to the Chicago Comic-Con, where I was able to meet a lot of celebrities and get plenty of autographs, on photos, DVDs, and, oh yes, Pez dispensers. By far, my favorite Pez autograph had to be that of the one and only Adam West, star of the 1960s Batman TV show and movie. Here is a picture of the Batman Pez dispenser with Adam's signature (click for a larger view).

Unfortunately, due to logistics I was not able to get a picture with Adam. Should I ever have the opportunity to meet him again, I will be sure to get a photograph, and will of course bring this Pez dispenser with me.

To read more about this, and to see why I consider Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) and Julie Newmar (best Catwoman ever) to be honorable mentions for this prize, check out my complete Chicago Comic-Con recap here.

Promotional Dispenser of the Year

Chuck E. Cheese

2009 gave us an incredible array of promotional Pez dispensers. One small quibble I had, though, was that they were pretty much all in the form of trucks. A little variety certainly wouldn't have been that bad.

Last year, Pez stepped up with a couple of great, unique promotional dispensers. One was the Geico Pez dispenser, and the other, the Chuck E. Cheese dispenser, wins this year's Pezzy Award for Promotional Dispenser of the Year.

Very nice! Here's hoping that Pez continues this trend in upcoming years, although a new promotional hauler every now and then is always welcome too.

To read a poem about my adventures finding Chuck E. Cheese Pez, click here.

Pez-Featuring Store of the Year

Jungle Jim's

I've been in plenty of stores that offer Pez. Sometimes it takes a little bit of hunting (*cough* Meijer *cough*) and sometimes it's almost as easy as walking in the front door. But the payoff of finding the Pez section and, even if for just a brief moment, the possibility of scoring some new Pez, is always worth it. But last year, I think I nearly passed out when I came across the stupendous Pez selection at Jungle Jim's, located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The first thing you notice when you round that corner is a literal island of Pez. You cannot help but walk around it as you see various sets on display and for sale. You see many sports dispensers, plenty of Disney, and even some hard to find Sourz dispensers. And you notice some Giants mixed in there too, thinking that's a bit impressive... and then you turn around and see a whole WALL of giant dispensers. It is truly a must-see destination for any Pezhead, and I know that I am looking forward to going back there at least once this year.

For more pictures and details of my trip to Jungle Jim's last year, click here.

Pez Shelf of the Year


I know that there are lots of great Pez shelves out there. I've seen them on message boards and on Facebook. It's nice to see what Pez everyone has and how they choose to display it. But looking strictly at my own collection, naming my Batmans as the Pez Shelf of the Year was a no-brainer.

Some background may be in order here. Well before last year, I had known that of all my Pez dispensers, the Batman series (in its various forms and colors from the 60s through present day) was the one that deserved its own shelf. And gradually, that shelf grew and grew. Here is what my Batman shelf looked like at the start of 2009:

As you can see, there was a nice variety of stems, as well as many cards. I could have stopped here, admittedly. But I did not. By the time 2010 came, my shelf had grown substantially, with a few extra dispensers and more than a few new cards. Note that at this point, the Softhead Batman had to be moved off the shelf. I decided that it would make more sense to keep the Batman Softhead with the other Superhero Softheads. Plus, oh yeah, I was running out of room on this shelf.

Sensing a pattern yet? Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Next up came April 2010, when I came across a whole array of colored stems, and even made a little video in celebration of my Batman Pez collection to that point.

When I returned from Pezamania 20 and added my newly found Batman Chromes, I had finally reached a major milestone: my entire Batman Pez collection could no longer fit on one shelf. So, I left all the dispensers on the shelf, and moved the cards to a separate corkboard.

So now you know why I really had no choice but to name the Batmans as my Pez Shelf (Shelves?) of the Year. The only question is, where do I go from here? To be honest, I'm not sure how many other stem color variations are out there, or how many cards I have yet to find. But one thing is for sure: as long as I collect Pez, I'll always be hunting for new Batmans.

The 2nd Annual Pezzy Awards continue here.

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