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I currently have about 950 Pez dispensers, and many other Pez items. Here's a picture of most of my dispensers:

(Most of) Joe's Pez, May 2010 (click for larger view)

People ask me sometimes which Pez dispenser is my favorite. I always respond that I consider each Pez dispenser to be my favorite one. However, I am particularly fond of all of the Batman variations. Taking into account the stem variations of the early Batmans, the many chrome Batmans I got at Pezamania 20, and the Batman pez I got signed by Mr. Adam West, I have over 40 different Batmans- and that's not even counting the card variations. Here are my loose and carded Batmans, exclusing the 1978 Softhead Batman, which is currently being displayed along with the other Superhero Softheads. You can click on each picture for a larger view.

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