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What is Pezhead Monthly, anyway?

Pezhead Monthly is a monthly newsletter focusing on the "what if" side of Pez. What would happen if one were to interview a Pez dispenser? What kind of poetry does Pez inspire? What would history have been like if famous people had Pez on their mind when they spoke?

These types of questions, and many more, are answered in the pages of Pezhead Monthly. This is a newsletter of fun and imagination, not of facts and breaking news. If you're looking for that type of newsletter, I would direct you to Pez Collector's News. But if you're looking for some literary explorations of Pez, or if you're just looking for a laugh or two, then you've come to the right place.

Submit to Pezhead Monthly!

Interested in submitting your own original artistic ode to Pez, whether it is a poem, video, story, photo, or something else? I heartily welcome your participation at any point during the year. Details are available here.

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