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It was Pezamania 11 that gave the editor, Joe Durrant, the idea to put together Pezhead Monthly. He thought that the Web, nay, the world (a little hyperbolic, but oh well) needed a new perspective on Pez, one that focused on the fun side of the hobby as opposed to basic lists and prices of dispensers, historical information, and the like. Joe's love of writing, appreciation of literature, and sense of humor (or at least attempts at it) come though on the pages of Pezhead Monthly.

You may have seen Joe's writing elsewhere on the web, such as in the humor magazine Apeculture.com, where he has been crowned Celebrity Love Poet. He has also written for PublicFigure.com and BriefMe.com, but that was a long time ago, man. His Web design interest has been manifested in his other site, ProjectJoe.com, which he readily admits he hasn't updated in a very long time, but hopes to eventually attend to in the future. Someday. Really. Joe has also contributed Web design support for Shotgun Reviews (mainly content) and KarenFoli.com (both content and design).

Joe would also like to add that it's weird talking about himself in the third person. He feels that he sounds like Bob Dole, only he has yet to appear in a Pepsi or Viagra commercial.

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