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Pezamania 26 is coming!

The biggest Pez convention of the year is coming very soon! I am speaking of course about Pezamania 26, taking place in Independence, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland. The new convention hosts this year are Rick and Sue Marlowe. I've known these people for a while and I am sure that they will put on a great convention. If you are going to this convention, have a great time! If you are on the fence, well, get off the fence and make plans to go for sure. You'll never have the chance to buy more new and vintage Pez at one place, and the people that you'll meet, in addition to being very knwoledgeable about the Pez hobby, will be kind, warm, and funny, and they will make you feel like family. It will be an experience that you'll never forget, and you'll definitely want to do it all over again next year.

Due to other priorities, I will be unable to attend the full Pezamania convention this year. But, I do plan on attending the Saturday floor show. I hope to see many old Pez friends in the limited time I am there, and to pick up some nice new and vintage pieces too. I look forward to returning to the full experience for Pezamania 27 next year.

While new content for is still forthcoming, I encourage you to check out a feature I did a couple of years ago called the 24 Days of Pezamania, featuring many Pez poems, Photoshops, and other Pezamania odes from the archives. Once you are done with that, feel free to peruse the full Pezhead Monthly archives.

Thanks, and as always, Keep On Pezzin'!

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