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The Story of Pez, Rewritten

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Suppose you had power over time and space. What would be the first thing you'd do? Would you tell President Lincoln to duck? Would you watch that TV show you forgot to tape last night? Would you throw away that milk before its expiration date?

Well, here's your chance to take the reins and rewrite the story of Pez, located on the official Pez site here. Just fill out the below information, click the button, and rewrite the way that Pez came to be and how it will forever be known...


Group of people:


German word:

Plural noun:


Plural noun:


Place where you spend money (plural; for example, "supermarkets"):

Another place where you spend money (plural):

Another place where you spend money (plural):

Another place where you spend money (plural):

Your name:


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