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Happy Valentine's Day from Pezhead Monthly

All You Need Is (Pez) Love

Enjoy these Valentine's Day treats from the PezheadMonthly.com archives.

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Love Songs, Collection One - This first collection features 4 songs, but only the choruses. Perhaps one days, I will develop these into full songs... 

Love Songs, Collection Two - This collection features five complete songs, includiing a Pezzified version of the Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton hit "Islands in the Stream" 

Love Songs, Collection Three - Three more complete songs comprise this collection, including a song inspired by a classic hit by The Shirelles.

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Pez Haiku #21

She loves Pez, she loves
Pez not. She loves Pez, she loves
Pez not… She loves Pez!

After the Love Has Gone

February 16th,
Be still my beating heart,
That was when I found you
Inside that discount cart.

Ev'ry Pez beside you
Already had been chosen.
Why did they pass you over,
What made you so imposing?

I didn't see a reject
Looking back at me;
I saw a crystal heart,
Yearning to be free.

After the love has gone,
There's sometimes reappearance.
I knew it when I found you
And plus, you were on clearance.

Pez Haiku #34

I gave you my heart,
So please don't go breaking it
By selling my Pez.

I Gave My Love a Pez

I gave my love a Pez,
And she just stared at me.
I tried to tell her that it meant
That like Pez she was sweet

She told me that she hated
Those candies shaped like bricks,
And if I were to be her man,
I'd better lose them quick.

I gave my love a Pez,
But that was long ago.
She may have been sent from up above,
I guess I'll never know.


"How do I love Pez? Let me count the ways."

"When I get that feeling, I need Pezual healing."

"If you love Pez, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be."

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One Question For, And A Love Song From, The Cherub Pez Dispenser- A burning question is asked of Cherub Pez, and not only does he answer that question, he also serenades us with a song.

Five Questions For, And A Love Song From, The Valentine's Day Teddy Bear Pez Dispenser- Teddy Bear Pez answers the Five Questions with grace and style, and then proceeds to give us a Pezzified version of an Elvis classic. (Note: at the time of this interview, this "Love" Bear was the only Tedy Bear Pez dispenser; in 2012, two more Teddy Bear Pez dispensers were added: Hugs and Kisses.)

Other Stuff
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Dr. Pez Presents: Advice For The Pez Lovelorn- When presented with stories of Pez-related woe, Dr. Pez offers advice as only he can.

Pez Dispensers In Love: A Photo Essay- Several photos of various Pez couples, Can you feel the love tonight?

Here is the cover image from the February 2012 issue of Pezhead Monthly. (Look carefully for a Pezzified actor credit!)

February 2012 cover image

(click image for a larger view)

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