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24 Days of Pezamania

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Four for 4: A Quartet of Pezamania Poems for Day 4

Pezamania 14, Here I Come

Just a couple weeks away
From that most exciting day.
Will the Pez wind blow my way,
Or will it be a wasted gust?

The list is made, the cash on hand,
Ev'ry purchase neatly planned.
Will supply meet my demand,
Or will it leave me in the dust?

Reservations have been placed,
To Pezamania I will race.
Will it be a fruitful place,
Or will it be a total bust?

No more questions, no more doubt,
That's not what this is all about.
It will be better this time out
Than anytime before, I trust.

For Pezamania

P acking luggage and composing lists,
E stimating how much cash to bring.
Z oning out in meetings that persist,
A sking for some time off for "Pezzing."
M aking sure directions are okay,
A nticipating ev'ry single thing.
N ever asking, "shall we go or stay?"
I t's just a given that we roll that way.
A way we go! To Cleveland this fine day!

Pezamania Now!

I drove from Pennsylvania
To get to Pezamania
The weather sure was rainy, yeah
But I am not complaining now

Bring it on, this cool July,
'Cause there's Pez in large supply
The well will never be run dry.
My Independence Day is nigh.

I've got a list already made
Gonna buy and sell and trade,
And when I see that Pez displayed,
I'll reach the end of my crusade

Pezamania 19,
Sure to be a real fine scene
A land of plastic and of dreams,
Now won't this light please turn to green!

Meet Me At Pezamania

From Pennsylvania, Lithuania, from places near or far,
Come down to Pezamania by train or plane or car.
You'll feel a sense of mania, such Pez you will behold,
When they made Pezamania, they truly broke the mold.
It's stronger than titanium, the spell that will be cast.
When you're at Pezamania, you're bound to have a blast.
I·ll say it once again, oh yeah, you really oughta visit,
Meet me at Pezamania, 'cause I don't wanna miss i


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