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24 Days of Pezamania

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Day 21 features four more Pez poems related to Pez conventions, including the new poem "Twenty-Four."


Twenty-four hours in every day,
Sometimes it goes by so fast.
We often forget to look for a way
To live in the present before it is past.

Twenty-four beers in every case,
Call over some friends to share.
With every laugh and smiling face,
We put aside all of our worries and cares.

Twenty-four carats in purest of gold,
A worth that is hard to measure,
And whether it's bought or traded or sold,
It's destined to be a personal treasure.

Twenty-four candies in ev'ry Pez bag,
Twelve each in two candy rolls.
They're loaded and pushed before they are snagged;
Their sweetness fills mouths and stomachs and souls.

Twenty-four years for Pezheads to meet
For living and sharing and prizes.
Twenty-four years of Pez, very sweet;
Cleveland, Ohio, your moment arises.

Something I Should Mention, Y'all

Perhaps it's unconventional,
Perhaps a little weird,
To be a Pezhead through and through,
For all these many years.

I can't say it's intentional,
Oh no, not in the least,
But I get such a tingle when
Some new Pez is released.

My latest Pez convention haul
Was over twenty-five,
And I suspect the next one will
Be very worth the drive.

So may I call attention, all,
To this heartfelt appeal:
Become a Pezhead as I am,
And feel the joy I feel.

Year Of The Pez (2006)

While in a Chinese restaurant
Enjoying those pot stickers,
"Year of The Dog," my placemat said,
That was this year's moniker.

"How cool is that?" I thought aloud,
And while we're on the topic,
When will it be Year of The Pez,
Why should we be myopic?

Rabbits, Monkeys, Roosters, Boars,
They all have their own years,
And yet, no mention of the treat
That makes us stand and cheer.

And so I put my chopsticks down,
I sprang up to decree:
"Now this shall be YEAR OF THE PEZ,
And drinks are all on me!"

There were a couple awkward stares,
A baby started crying.
But still I realized the truth,
That Pez set this year flying.

For me, it started up in June,
St. Louis was the place.
A Pez convention that was there
Sent me to outer space.

And then July came quickly next,
And better than expected,
'Twas Pezamania 16,
So much Pez was collected.

A few weeks later, I was off
To lovely Minnesota
My first MNPezCon was grand,
Exceeding all my quotas.

October, too, was quite the month
For Pezheads such as I.
The toy show in Chicago had
A lot of Pez to buy.

And then on top of all of that,
The Pez just kept on flowing.
The stores and eBay did both keep
My Pez stash ever growing.

Reflecting on this magic year,
I read my cookie's fortune.
It said "Your life is filled with joy"
And I just had to grin.

Two thousand six, Year of The Pez,
It truly was like heaven.
So when's the next one to occur?
I'm guessing in '07.

The Battle Hymn of the Pezhead

Mine eyes have seen the glory of a vintage Pez display,
It's filled with Pez dispensers from a host of holidays
It's a testament to all the time and money on eBay

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

I have seen a vintage Mickey and an Annie mint on card,
A Captain Hook in cello clearly held in high regard
And a Make-A-Face as well, along with all its many parts

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

I have seen so many Pez Pals like the Pirate and the Nurse,
The Universal Monsters, Yappy Dog, and Octopus
It's hard to find a group that is as nearly as diverse

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

So now I'm off to Cleveland and to Pezamania
Where I hope to find the glory that so many found before,
And before too long to hear it said with wonder and with awe,

Pez keeps on keepin' on.

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