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24 Days of Pezamania

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Day 10 features 10 Pez haikus about Pez conventions.

Pez Haiku #8

Sleep soundly, little
One. Tomorrow we head for
The Pez convention.

Pez Haiku #66

I'm an optimist:
My Pez bingo card's half full,
And not half empty.

Pez Haiku #28

If you only have
Two days to live, spend them at
A Pez convention.

Pez Haiku #96

I dare you to find
A more Peztastic place than

Pez Haiku #43

The first few days back
From the big Pez convention:
Waking from a dream.

Pez Haiku #108

Lebron may be gone,
But at least Cleveland still has

Pez Haiku #56

Follow the candy brick road
To the land of Pez.

Pez Haiku #132

Convention tension:
It's another dimension,
Needs your attention.

Pez Haiku #64

Like a butterfly,
The prizes at Pez Bingo
Float away from me.

Pez Haiku #138

My registration
And hotel reservation
Bring Pez elation.


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