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You Don't Fill My Chamber
To the tune of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
Copyright 2005 JoePez Publications

You don't fill my chamber
You don't tilt my head back
You hardly take me out anymore
From behind those curio doors
In that big Pez display

I remember when
You couldn't wait to load me
Used to soon refill me
Now after loadin' me with a pack
When your friends are here
With a Pez attack
Well you just go out
And don't load me back
And you don't fill my chamber anymore.

It used to be so natural,
Dispensin' fruity goodness
But used to be's don't count anymore
They're just stuck in that drawer
With the extra candy

And baby, I remember
All those many flavors
You filled me with orange
And you filled me with grape
Well you filled me with Sourz,
Babe, there was no escape
But you ended it all,
No more of those sweet brick shapes
'Cause you don't fill my chamber anymore
You don't fill my chamber
You don't tilt my head back
You don't fill my chamber… anymore

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