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Viva Pez Oh Yes
(To the tune of "Viva Las Vegas")
Copyright 2007 JoePez Publications

Bright colored stems gonna make me want
Gonna make me wanna collect
Got a big long list of dispensers to get,
So I hope there's a lot to select

There's a drug store open all around the clock,
I'm gonna put on my shoes and go for a walk
And when I find some Pez, man it's going to rock
Viva Pez Oh Yes, Viva Pez Oh Yes

How I wish that there were more
Than just twelve candies in a roll
Cause even if there were fifty more
It wouldn't satisfy my soul

Oh, there's bagged Pez and loose Pez and Pez on card
Find 'em ev'rywhere, boy, it's not that hard,
And when you get a new one, please give my regards
Viva Pez Oh Yes, Viva Pez Oh Yes

Viva Pez Oh Yes with your wicked dispensin'
And your many conventions,
All those vintage Pez on display
Viva Pez Oh Yes, fillin' shelves with your treasure,
Givin' such endless pleasure
If you pick up one
Then you're gonna have a mighty fine day

I'm gonna keep hittin' stores,
I'm gonna keep gettin' more
Till I run out of room at my place
If I have to move, well
I'll always remember to find them lots of space

I've got 'em lined up, in row after row,
Much more than I had, just a year ago,
And will I ever stop, well the answer is no
Viva Pez Oh Yes, Viva Pez Oh Yes
Viva, Viva Pez Oh Yes!

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