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My Pez Iron Man
To the tune of "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath
Copyright 2009 JoePez Publications


Found him at Wal-Mart
Rockin' out on that short card
That day, won't forget
Got the entire Marvel set

Could I ask for more?
Will I top this big Pez score?
Should I call it quits,
Will it get better than this?

Once of metal parts
Now a plastic superstar,
Yellow stem so fine,
US Patent 5 point 9.

Who wouldn't want him?
How could I leave him there?
Believe it or not, yeah,
Oh, I was walkin' or air

Eyes so cold and white,
But a treat of such delight
In such high demand,
That's my Pez Iron Man

Now he's on my shelf,
Next to the Wolverine
Standing so mighty,
What an amazing scene

My Pez Iron Man
Pops out candy in your hand
Tilt him back to find
Pez is there to blow your mind.

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