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Five Questions for Fred the Traveling Pez Dispenser

Fred's been everywhere, man, he's been everywhere.

Pezhead Monthly: Fred, thanks for joining us today. Can you share any thoughts after seeing so much more of this world than most people will in their lifetimes?

Fred The Traveling Pez Dispenser: Well, I know the song claims that it's a small world after all, but let me tell you, that is not true! I've been to America, Canada, England, Austria, and Australia, and I have flown over many other places, to be sure. With all the frequent flyer miles I've racked up, I'll be able to… um… fly some more, I guess. But to tell you the truth, if I don't see the inside of an airplane again for a while, you won't hear me complain.

PM: I can understand that. Backing up a bit, can you explain how you came to be, and why you found yourself in so many different countries?

FTTPD: I really owe it all to the outstanding community of Pezheads out there. They truly rock. You see, the fine folks over at

Pezcommunity.com decided that it would be a great idea to send out a single dispenser to a group of people all over the world who so chose to receive it, and then they were to send it to the next person. Not only would this dispenser get to see all kinds of neat people and places, but also traveling along with it would be a journal, photos, and mementos from each place it visited, thus bringing the community of Pezheads even closer. I'm just lucky enough that the dispenser was in fact me.

PM: I'd say so, Fred. And coincidentally, your head is a miniature version of the planet Earth. Does that put any pressure on you that Mickey Mouse Pez or a Daffy Duck Pez would not have?

FTTPD: I tell you, it's like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Ha! I kill me. Actually, I don't even have shoulders, so never mind. But no, there's no pressure because of that. If anything, it is a reminder that, like the vast web of Pezheads out there, I am the world. I am the children. I am the one who make a better day, so let's start giving. And speaking of giving, some other Pez out there are doing the same thing I am, and raising awareness in the process. For example, my cousin Susie, who is a crystal heart, is wrapping up a big tour to raise awareness for breast cancer. Check out her travels at http://www.tpd.zoomshare.com/1.html. Pretty cool, eh?

PM: Pretty cool indeed. Tell us, of all the places you've been to, which have struck you most profoundly?

FTTPD: Well, it'd be easy to say that visiting Kevin Costner's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was the biggie. But I'd have to say that it was indeed an emotional homecoming when I arrived at the birthplace of Pez, in Vienna, Austria. And then I visited the home of Pez USA at the factory in Orange, Connecticut. To see all those familiar faces and all of those magnificent assembly lines… I tell you, it really brought a tear to my eye.

PM: That is truly heartwarming, Fred. Finally, do you have any regrets?

FTTPD: Oh, I've been to LA and Bloomsburg, PA and I've seen Charleston on a yacht. I've made some trails while in Australia and showed 'em what I've got. I've been to NYC and I've seen some things that a Pez ain't supposed to see. I've been to paradise… but I've never been to me.

Want to see some other places Fred has been to? Check out the slideshow here.

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