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Five Questions for the Pezamania 16 Tote Bag

The Pezamania 16 Tote Bag proves to be a valuable asset to room-hopping Pezheads.

Pezhead Monthly: Pezamania 16 Tote Bag, thanks very much for joining us. From what I hear you were quite the topic of conversation at this year's Pezamania. And really, how could you not be, what with "Pezamania" custom embroidered upon you in bright colors! How does it feel to suddenly become a part of Pez lore?

Pezamania 16 Tote Bag: I gotta say, the feeling is incredible. All it took was one weekend and the hard work of several devoted Pezheads and I became a hot item. No offense to PBS, but there's a new tote bag in town, baby.

PM: I can tell that you are quite excited, Pezamania 16 Tote Bag. What is so fabulous about being you?

PTB: Well, for one, I come jam-packed with all kinds of items to aid and enthrall Pezheads as they embark on their collecting journey. There's a t-shirt, of course. And there's also a lanyard for the registration badge for Pezheads to wea around their neck, so as not to damage their new Pez t-shirt with pin holes. How cool is that! I also come with a Pez calculator, so that Pezheads can see exactly how much they are spending throughout the weekend. And for those who are electronically challenged, I also come with a Pez notepad and pen. I'll tell you what, whoever put me together really put some thought into it.

PM: I'd say so! Is there anything else in there?

PTB:Oh, tons more. There's a nice Pezamania pin, and also a money clip- let's face it, the cash flies fast and furious at Pez conventions, and this is a great way to keep it organized. Then there are feet for the non-footed vintage dispensers which will no doubt be purchased in the days ahead. There's some Pezamania candy too. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the free Mega Bingo card, which gives every Pezhead who registers a chance at one of the 3 huge prizes at Pez bingo!

PM: Wow, I'm speechless. But I'm also curious, Pezamania 16 Tote Bag , besides the plethora of goodies you provide, are there any other ways that you can help Pezheads?

Some of the plethora of goodies
inside the Pezamania 16 Tote Bag.

PTB: But of course! I mean, although I am not a Pez dispenser, I am still a Pez container. I am carried from room to room by Pezheads, and as they accumulate more and more treasures, they entrust me with the safe transport of their new-found additions. It's quite an honor to say the least.

PM: Well that goes without saying. Finally, Pezamania 16 Tote Bag, among all these great services you provide the Pez community, which one stands out to you the most?

PTB: Well, I don't mean to get sentimental here, but the people who put me together obviously did so with much forethought and, I'd wager, a little bit of love. Bless those kind folks, they rock. And what's more, I can be a valuable part of a Pezhead's convention experience for years to come as well. And should any Pezheads move on from the hobby- although I can't imagine why!- they can pass me on to their friends and family, so that I can continue to help out at Pezamania after Pezamania. Just knowing that I can help out generations of Pezheads on their future convention visits, and knowing I will be there to carry new and vintage Pez alike to the promised land of their new home in a Pez collection … it warms the very cockles of my heart. To paraphrase a certain international man of mystery, that sort of thing is my bag, baby.

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