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Five Questions for Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez

Get caught up in the web of intrigue that is Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez.

Pezhead Monthly: Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, you have just recently been spotted at select locations across the United States, mainly at the nation's largest toy store, Toys R' Us. Welcome to the Pez family. What took you so long to get here?

Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez: Some would say I've been here all along, actually. If you were to see me in a store, the only difference between myself and the previous Spidey Pez is that I have a blue stem instead of a red one.

PM: I thought you looked familiar, but I was not sure from where. But now that you mention it, Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, I do notice the resemblance. Does the fact that you are a mere stem variation make it difficult for you to claim autonomy?

BSSP: With all due respect, bite your tongue Mr. Smartypants. I am more than just a new stem variation. I am my own dispenser. This is, after all, the first time that a Spidey head has been on anything but a red stem. I am a pioneer if you look at it that way. Plus, let's keep in mind that the different stems for such sets as the Funky Faces and Ninja Turtles are part of what make them such prized items for Pezheads.

PM: When you put it that way, Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, I do see your point. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers. The next question comes from one of our readers, Earl Swanson of Blaine, Missouri. Earl asks, 'Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, can you give me any tips on relationships?'

BSSP: Well, I'm the last person anyone should be coming to for advice on that subject. For some reason, all the women I've dated say that I'm either too clingy or too much of a swinger. I guess that sort of thing tends to happen when you're a friendly neighborhood wall-crawling Pez dispenser.

PM: True dat, Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, true dat. With the upcoming "Spider-Man 2" movie coming out, do you find yourself a hot commodity on the store shelves?

BSSP: If I am hot at all, it is just because at the moment I am somewhat rare, or simply because I am a Pez dispenser, the coolest candy toy product in history. But I won't put on airs and try to attach myself to the new movie, because I am sure that will be a big success all its own, with or without me. It won't be able to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages, mind you, but it will still be pretty good.

PM: Ah, I see your point. Finally, Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez, would you be able to help out with this month's Pezhead Monthly Pez Almost-Quote?

BSSP: Well… I've never been very literary, due to the fact that when I am not dispensing Pez I am busting up bad guys, but here goes nothing: Oh, what a tangled web presents when first we practice to dispense.

PM: Thank you very much, Blue-Stemmed Spidey Pez. You rock.

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