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Five Questions for Pez Spaceman Lunchbox and Pez Spaceman Thermos

Pez Spaceman Lunchbox and Thermos
The Pez Spaceman LunchBox and the Pez Spaceman Thermos make a great team.


Pezhead Monthly: Pez Spaceman Lunchbox, thank you for joining us. You are one of the more unique licensed Pez items available. What are some of the joys of being you?

Pez Spaceman Lunchbox: Well, you know, it's nice to be able to tag along with people as they head off to school or work. It makes me feel as if I am a bigger part of their lives than if I were to stay at home with the other Pez on the shelf. I actually get to give something back to my collector, besides the standard yet wondrous fruity goodness for kids of all ages that each Pez can give.

PM: It sounds like a very fulfilling role you have. However, being a collectible item, isn't your collector a bit hesitant to fill you up with food, as this might cause damage to you?

PSL: It's an understandable concern, I'll grant you. You don't want your peanut butter and jelly sandwich spilling inside your Pez lunchbox. But sometimes you just have to take your chances, right? Plus, he lines me with three layers of wax paper and puts each food item in four or five sheets of plastic wrap. Some would call that anal-retentive, but I do appreciate his concern for my well-being.

PM: Are there any other times when having a Pez lunchbox would be handy?

PSL: Well, outside of looking really cool on a Pez display shelf, I can also be used to transport Pez dispensers. That would be Pez carrying Pez, which in turn carry Pez. Sometimes it hurts just thinking about it. But, as we are in the midst of some great Pez conventions, I can be a handy container for all the new Pez deals to be found there. I can hardly contain myself at the opportunity to be such a container.

PM: That's very good to hear, Pez Spaceman Lunchbox. Turning now to you, Pez Spaceman Thermos, what sorts of wacky adventures do you find yourself taking part in?

Pez Spaceman Thermos: I'll tell you, there's not really too many adventures to be had. Unlike my companion, there's really no way to safe proof me from damage done from beverages. I saw a special on the Discovery Channel a few weeks ago on the damage that grape juice does to a thermos over time. It is truly heartbreaking. So I can only assume that my collector buys his beverages from a vending machine or the cafeteria, or else he just goes thirsty all the time.

PM: I see. Do you ever wish you can be a more active part of your Pez collector's daily life like Pez Spaceman Lunchbox?

PST: Not really. I like the freedom and the prestige of hanging out on a shelf with my fellow Pez items. And you can't beat the air conditioning during these hot months. Also, not to knock my good friend Pez Spaceman Lunchbox or anything, but it's kind of scary being trapped in there for the whole day in the dark. It also can get rather stuffy. When I realized that I would be freed from that fate, I was quite relieved. I imagine it's much like the feeling that Pez dispensers have when they are taken off of their cards. You gotta love it.

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