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Five Questions for Chef Skinner Pez

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Can you smell what Chef Skinner Pez is cookin'?


Pezhead Monthly: Chef Skinner Pez, thanks very much for joining us. You are one of the newest Pez dispenser set, the Ratatouille set released in honor of the upcoming Disney movie of the same name. How does it feel to be part of the illustrious Pez family?

Chef Skinner Pez: Ha ha ha! You should be asking Pez how it feels to have my illustrious image adorning one of its little dispensers! A true honor and privilege indeed!

PM: Well I suppose I should point out here that in the movie Ratatouille, your character is a bit of a meanie. But really, you can lighten up now. You're on a Pez dispenser, baby- you've made it! Surely you can let your hair down a little bit?

CSP: I would let my hair down, but I fear that beneath this large hat, there isn't much hair there. My tiny sideburns and pencil-thin mustache may be the only hair I have. But, I do see your point. Life's too short to be mean to people, and let's face it, at 5 inches, I'm too short to really be an effective meanie anyway. Ah Pez, the great equalizer and nicetizer.

PM: I hear that, Chef Skinner Pez, I hear that. You mention your large hat, which actually adds over an inch to your height. Is the hat a blessing or a curse?

CSP: Overall it is clearly a blessing. I mean sure, some of my Pez brothers and sisters look down on me because they consider me a cheater who wears this hat in an effort to become the tallest Pez dispenser out there. Funny, I don't see them getting on Marge Simpson's case for that giant blue hair of hers. Sorry… that was mean. Old habits die hard. Where was I? Oh yes, the hat. It's a wonderful thing, if only for the fact that the top of it allows for maximum grippage of one's thumb, making it that much easier for me to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages.

PM: Well I can certainly see that being a huge plus for you. Now, be honest, do you really hate rats as much as your movie counterpart does?

CSP: Not really. I must say, it's a constantly improving relationship. When I first set my eyes on Remy Pez and Emile Pez from the Ratatouille set, I said to myself, Sacre Bleu! Filthy mice, standing next to me on a Pez shelf!? I cannot have it! I demand cleanliness and order! But after hanging out with them, they aren't so bad. They have excellent taste in cheese, and as a Frenchman I can truly appreciate that. And I've also had the chance to meet many other neat mouse Pez dispensers, such as Mickey, Jerry, and Merlin. I can dig it.

PM: That is good to hear. Finally, Chef Skinner Pez, I know that you're the new kid on the block, but you're actually the second chef Pez dispenser to be interviewed by this publication, the first being Chef Garfield. Has he challenged you to a cook-off yet?

CSP: Not yet, but I'm always ready for a challenge. I'm constantly trying to be a better chef, and I watch the Food Network all the time. On the one hand I hear Chef Garfield makes a mean lasagna, but on the other hand I also hear that he eats it up just as quickly as he cooks it. I don't know how it would go if he and I were to face off, but as long as we are both able to serve up Pez, I think everyone wins.

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