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Five Questions for Rubber Duck Pez

Rubber Duck Pez fits the bill.

Pezhead Monthly: Rubber Duck Pez, thanks for joining us. You were added to the evergrowing family of Easter Pez in 2009. How does it feel to be part of such a long and storied tradition?

Rubber Duck Pez: It feels pretty good, I must say. And I think I lucked out by being a part of a holiday series. The thing about holiday dispensers, whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, or Easter, is that it's inevitable that there will be a long shelf life, no pun intended. I mean, unless you're just outright creepy (cough cough Egg Baby) there's always a chance that you'll be revisited somewhere down the line for a future update. Just look at all the variations of bunnies out there. It warms my inner sleeve to think that one day I will be the model for a future Pez dispenser.

PM: That's a beautiful thought right there, I must agree. Switching gears, are you able to reconcile being a plastic Pez dispenser in the shape of a rubber duck?

RDP: Actually, I prefer to think of it as being a rubber duck who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to be on a Pez dispenser, which just happens to be plastic. It's a pretty peaceful coexistence, all things considered. I do however find it ironic that the softhead Superheroes, who are hard on crime (or, in some cases, are hardened criminals), have softer heads than a Rubber Duck. It's a little too ironic, yeah I really do think.

PM: I'd have to agree with you there, Rubber Duck Pez. Now, you'll have to forgive me for asking this, but… well, you're a rubber duck. There's not really a connection between rubber ducks and Easter. Not to put you on the spot here, but can you explain yourself?

RDP: I know what you're saying. And I've been giving it some thought. Here's what I'm thinking. Rubber ducks are often used in baths. Baths usually involve soap. One popular brand of soap is Irish Spring. And Spring, after all, is the season for Easter! How's that?

PM: Well… um… it's kind of a stretch, to be honest. Is that the best you could come up with?

RDP: Actually, I was hoping you'd say that. Now, check this out. Rubber Duck was prominently featured in a Sesame Street bit with Ernie. Ernie was voiced by Jim Henson. Jim Henson directed "The Great Muppet Caper," which starred John Cleese. John Cleese starred in "The Big Picture" with… Kevin Bacon! And, you know, bacon goes good with eggs, which of course brings to mind… Easter eggs, blammo! Plus, to bring it back to where it all began, "The Big Picture" featured a fictitious band called Pez People. Did you get all that, or did I just blow your mind?

PM: Consider my mind blown, man. Finally, Rubber Duck Pez, in pop culture the rubber duck is often associated with Ernie, a character on the landmark children's show "Sesame Street." As it turns out, Ernie is also one of the coolest Pez dispensers out there. Would you mind if he joined us to wrap up this interview?

RDP: Of course not! Ernie Pez, he's good people.

Ernie Pez: Right back at you, Rubber Duck Pez. And a one and a two!

"Rubber Duck Pez"
To the tune of "Rubber Ducky" by Ernie
Copyright 2010 JoePez Publications

Oh, Rubber Duck Pez you're the one,
You make Pez collecting fun,
Rubber Duck Pez I'm glad that I found you

Rubber Duck Pez, stem of blue
Looks like there's water under you
Rubber Duck Pez, you're my favorite dispenser, it's true

Oh, every day I feel a close connection,
With a little fellow who's in that Pez collection
In the Easter section!

Rubber Duck Pez, don't you quack,
I'm gonna tilt your head right back
Rubber Duck Pez, candy springs from you

Oh, you may not be a chick or a choc'late bunny
But you're an Easter treasure bright and sunny,
You know it, honey

Rubber Duck Pez, filled with treats,
Fruity goodness for all to eat,
Rubber Duck Pez, you're my favorite dispenser, it's true

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