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Five Questions for the Pez Racing Car

Pez Racing Car
Prepare for life in the fast lane with the Pez Racing Car.


Pezhead Monthly: Pez Racing Car, Thanks for joining us. I must confess that I've always wanted to interview you since you were released just over a year ago. Do you have any idea just how cool you are?

Pez Racing Car: Well heck, you're making me blush right off the bat. If I look cool, I only have Pez to thank for designing me. The slick Indy car shape, the rubber tires, the Pez logos... I have to thank Pez for all of it.

Now you are just being too modest there, Pez Racing Car. At some point you need to acknowledge the cool features that set you apart from all others in the Pez world. Can you elaborate on your favorite of these features?

PRC: Well, I must admit that my "pull and go" feature is kind of neat. I don't think any other Pez item has that feature. Basically, you just pull me back a few inches, let me go, and I tear off down the way. And that is much appreciated, because as you know I do tend to feel the need... the need for speed.

PM: How true that is. But let's make it clear that in addition to all the fancy stuff, you also do the traditional duty of dispensing Pez. How is that working for you?

PRC: Quite well, actually. I find myself making more than a few pit stops to give people the chance to load me up and then dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. They just press the button and out comes the candy. It's kind of weird, though, because sometimes the candy just gradually comes out and other times it flies out from across the room. But when you're livin' in the danger zone, that comes with the territory.

PM: You can say that again. The sport of auto racing is wildly popular these days. Why do you think this is, and what if anything does it have to do with Pez?

PRC: Well I think that racing and Pez is an ideal match. Like racing, Pez is quite fast paced. How many new dispensers have come out lately? Way too many to mention, that's for sure. Also, racing cars are known for going around and around in circles. This is a lot like the "circle" of Pez dispensing- you load, then dispense, then load and dispense again.

PM: You make a good point there, Pez Racing Car. Finally, what words of advice can you give to amateur racers as well as to amateur Pez collectors?

PRC: Actually, I'd give the exact same advice to both groups of people: pace yourself, stay on track, don't be afraid to tear it up every now and then... and most importantly, make sure that you enjoy the ride! Yeeeeee haw!!

Four Fast Facts About The Pez Racing Car:

Favorite Song By The Gap Band: "Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)"
Favorite Movie: (3-way tie) Days of Thunder, The Fast and The Furious, and Terms of Endearment
Favorite Cartoon: Speed Racer
Favorite Commercial: That one with the song that goes "Zoom, zoom, zoom"

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