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Five Questions for Pezhead The Movie Pez

Pezheads The Movie Pez
The Pezheads The Movie Pez Dispenser is the reel deal.


Pezhead Monthly: Thanks for joining us, Pezheads The Movie Pez Dispenser. In the shape of a film reel and atop a stylin' black stem, you are a limited edition Pez dispenser available exclusively with the purchase of the "Pezheads: The Movie" DVD (www.pezheadsthemovie.com). How does it feel to join the Pez family, and as a limited edition dispenser to boot?

Pezheads The Movie Pez Dispenser: I'll tell you, it's a great feeling. Being immortalized as a Pez dispenser is one of the best things that can happen to someone, as I'm sure my thousands of other Pez brothers and sisters would agree. And to be a limited edition on top of that? Yeah, it's totally awesome. That honor doesn't happen to too many of us, so I am quite the lucky duck, or, um, the lucky film reel. True, I'll never be sold at Walgreens or Toys R Us, but being a limited edition is a trade-off I am more than willing to take.

PM: What is it about being a limited edition that is so appealing- Is it all about the Benjamins, or is it something else?

PTMPD: Well, it's true that I am worth a lot more in dollars than the average Pez you'd find in the stores- not to imply that any Pez are average- but it's something more than that. It's about being a part of the whole Pezheads The Movie experience. The DVD and the Pez dispenser can go hand in hand and it really broadens the experience, kind of like how Mr. T used to have his own cereal, TV show, and action figure.

PM: That's a good point, Pezheads The Movie Pez Dispenser. What do you make of the sordid allegations out there that your mold was the same one used for the hockey puck dispenser a few years back?

PTMPD: Hmmm… so that explains it. When people call me a hockey puck, I usually think they are trying to do a Don Rickles impersonation. But you know what? Even if I am based on the hockey puck mold, when they made me, they broke the mold. Well, that was a poor choice of words there, but my point is that I am a unique dispenser. And really, outside of movies like "Slap Shot" and "The Mighty Ducks," film and hockey do their own things and it comes down to two creative ways to use the same mold. And don't get me started on the ball mode, which has been used on everything from Funky Faces to baseballs and soccer balls. But my point is, they are all unique dispensers too, and they all deserve the Pez love.

PM: I hear you on that one. Now I don't want to put you on the spot, but what is your favorite Pez movie?

PTMPD: Well, because it is a great documentary about Pez collectors, conventions, and Pez Inc., and also because it was, you know, integral to my creation and everything, I would have to go with "Pezheads: the Movie." Also, the impressive "Pez Universe" came before it with less of a documentary feel and more of an interactive one. Then there are those movies where Pez played a part in the dialogue or scenery, like "Stand by Me," "The Incredibles," The Client," and "E.T." to name a few. I have to be honest, if I had ears, they would perk up at any mention of Pez in the movies. When I come across these movies, it always sends a warm feeling down my


A closer look at the scene stealer (click for a larger image).

spine. By the way, let the record show that although I don't have ears, I do have a spine.

PM: Duly noted, Pezheads The Movie Pez Dispenser, duly noted. Finally, if they made a movie about you, what would it be rated?

PTMPD: I live a clean, family-friendly life, of course, dispensing fruity goodness to kids of all ages. And not to toot my own filmstrip, but I really do look pretty cool. So I would say it would be rated PG, for Pez Greatness. Now if only Brad Pitt would return my phone calls, maybe we can get rolling on it.

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