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Five Questions for the Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush

Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush
The Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush is soft, huggable, and likes long walks on the beach.


Pezhead Monthly: Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush, you have just started hitting the stores in the last month or so. As a newcomer to the Pez world, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush: Well, Pez decided to bring back some of their vintage dispensers, such as the elephant, the pony, and of course, yours truly, the psychedelic flower. Only instead of making them typical dispensers (as if any Pez dispenser is typical!) they made us into stuffed animals. Well, stuffed dispensers, I guess. And man, it feels good to be here!

PM: And it is certainly glad to have you here. What's more, I do believe that you are the first Pez item interviewed by this publication who has a zipper. What is the deal with that?

PFPP: I am glad you asked. You see, being made of polyester does

have its disadvantages. First, there are the disapproving stares you get from people who prefer cotton. But more importantly, it makes it awfully hard to have a spring-loaded mechanism from which to dispense fruity Pez to kids of all ages. So instead, I am equipped with this zipper around my neck.

PM: You weave a web of intrigue with your comments, Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush. What, pray tell, does a zipper have to do with dispensing Pez?

PFPP: Well, the bad news is that I do not dispense actual Pez candy. That is unfortunate, I'll grant you. But the good news is that I dispense a stuffed likeness of a Pez candy. You just zip me open, pull it out and there you go. It's like two, two, two Pez in one. Just remember not to eat the stuffed Pez inside. It may look tempting, but it is not for eating purposes.

PM: That is a good point to remember. Do you ever feel any separation anxiety when someone pulls out the stuffed Pez candy, as if they are ripping out a part of your soul as well?

PFPP: I won't lie to you, at first it was very hard. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. Then I remembered that with that stuffed Pez candy no longer inside me, I actually do weigh less. And it is always difficult to see people pass around the stuffed Pez candy, and sometimes even play an impromptu game of Pez plush football. But in the end, they always put the Pez back inside of me. It's a luxury that typical Pez dispensers can't afford, unfortunately, but it does make me feel all warm inside to know that it happens to me.

PM: I can see why, Psychedelic Flower Pez Plush. You seem to be adjusting well to the Pez life. Do you have any particular complaints about your lot in life?

PFPP: Well, I am not one to complain. But without a doubt, my lack of peripheral vision is a real bummer. Just try to imagine going through life with only one eyeball on top of your head. It's really great for counting ceiling tiles or imaging shapes in the clouds, but not for much else. Still, I am a Pez, and that is what counts. I may just be a stuffed Pez, but I am the stuff that dreams are made of. And polyester.

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