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Five Questions for Pineapple Sourz Pez

Pezhead Monthly: Pineapple Sourz Pez, I am sorry to put you on the spot right off the bat, but why is it that you and your three colleagues have such a sour outlook? After all, you are part of one of the newest Pez dispenser sets out there, along with Sour Green Apple Pez, Sour Watermelon Pez, and Sour Blue Raspberry Pez. That seems to be a whole lot of sourness for being a collectible that has brought so much joy to the world.

Pineapple Sourz Pez: Oh, don't worry about starting off with such a confrontational question. In fact, I get that a lot. Just last week, Larry King asked the same thing. In truth, neither the three others nor I can be described as sour. We are all quite amiable, thank you very much. We are called Pez "Sourz" because of the new type of Pez candy that debuts alongside us, named after each of us.

PM: Well, that is very refreshing to hear. I must say that I have tried these new flavors, and I find them quite enticing. The old flavors are great, but the Sourz flavors are something else. What are your thoughts on being involved in this latest evolution of Pez?

  Pineapple Sourz Pez
Beyond the weird glasses and the protruding tongue, Pineapple Sourz Pez isn't that sour at all.

PSP: I've got to tell you, it is truly an exciting time to be a Pez dispenser. The old rule of the orange-lemon-strawberry-grape hierarchy has given way to a whole new rainbow of fruit flavors, to borrow a phrase. Even avid peppermint Pez candy fans are standing up and taking notice. The world can now see a blue-colored Pez candy as a wonderful treat and not an unfortunate discoloration of an orange- or purple-colored candy. Nothing is as it was in the world of Pez, and I am truly honored to be one of the reasons why.

Pineapple Sourz Pez
Some may call him a dreamer, but Pineapple Sourz Pez envisions a world where all Pez flavors can peacefully coexist.

PM: Your spirit is quite evident, Pineapple Sourz Pez, but I must say that you don't seem to acknowledge the worth of previous flavors. Have you taken any flack from other Pez dispensers for the gleefully unconventional views you are espousing here?

PSP: Certainly not. To my knowledge I have made no enemies in the Pez dispenser community, except for Yosemite Sam Pez. However, from what I hear he's a little ornery towards most everybody. Instead, I believe that there needs to be frequent interaction among the generations of Pez candy. I would encourage all Pez collectors to break down those walls and put some Sourz candy in your traditional dispensers, and put some regular lemon or strawberry candy in your Sourz dispensers. A little bit of something for everyone, as it were.

PM: I can see that you are a proud advocate of Pez candy diversity, but how about dispenser diversity? The four new Sourz dispensers offer up unique details and contours that other dispensers do not have. While it may be easy for you to admire these features, do you look down on your dispenser ancestors?

PSP: Again, I would have to say no. After all, if it weren't for the original Pineapple dispenser back in the early days, I probably wouldn't be here. Also, if not for the decision to stick out the tongue, as in the cases of Odie Pez, Charlie Brown Pez, Elephant Pez, and of course Michael Jordan, I might never have been inspired to do so myself. We're all connected somehow, you know?

PM: You make a valid point, Pineapple Sourz Pez. Finally, what is your favorite flavor of Sourz Pez? Mine would have to be a tossup between sour green apple, sour watermelon, and sour blue raspberry.

PSP: You are a cruel, cruel man.

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