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Five Questions for Pez Pajama Pants

Have no fear, because Pez Pajama Pants has it all covered.


Pezhead Monthly: Pez Pajama Pants, thank you for joining us this month. I have to say that this is the first time I have ever interviewed a pair of pajamas. Clearly, this marks a milestone not only for Pezhead Monthly, but also for mankind itself. What are your thoughts on this historic moment?

Pez Pajama Pants: Well, I'd like to say I share your enthusiasm, but to be honest I don't see what the big deal is. After all, I am just a humble pair of men's sleep pants, trying my best to make it in a world where men's sleep pants are not afforded the respect they deserve.

PM: I beg to differ, Pez Pajama Pants, but I think that you are given a lot of respect. What makes you feel otherwise?

I may be overreacting, I suppose. But I don't think so. I mean, yes, I may greatly assist in making a fashion statement, and I may also provide a means to warmth and comfort in this cold, cold world, but how am I treated? I'm thrown on the floor first thing in the morning, left to socialize with the likes of gym socks and bath towels for the rest of the day. Well pardon me if that doesn't sound just a little bit ungrateful.

PM: I do see where you are coming from. But I'd like to remind you that you are no ordinary pair of pajama pants; you are in fact one of the newest members of the Pez family of products. Doesn't this make a difference in your day-to-day attitude?

PPP: Look... I know I've been venting here, but I must admit that being a Pez makes all the difference in the world. Knowing that Pezheads intentionally go to Wal-Mart or eBay to look for me, and wanting me for their collection or just to hang out with them as they watch late-night television, that really gives a fellow a purpose in this world.

PM: I am glad to hear that, Pez Pajama Pants. It is true that the wonder and joy of Pez outweighs any negatives. But how do you see yourself fitting in with the Pez family as a whole?

PPP: In all modesty, I think I was destined to be a Pez. Much like the dispensers, I come in all sorts of sizes for all sorts of people. Also, I can make a great team with any one of the many Pez t-shirts out there (Editor's note: check out eBay to buy some Pez shirts, or check out Pez Central for a nice photo collection). Lastly, the presence of so many vintage dispensers in my design, such as Astronaut Pez, Parrot Pez, and Baseball Mitt Pez, shows that not only do I walk the Pez, I wear it too.

PM: Thanks again for joining us, Pez Pajama Pants. I can see that despite some of your initial hang-ups about being a pair of pajama pants, you are nonetheless proud to be a part of the Pez family. Do you have any regrets?

EBP: I have just a few regrets. First of all, I regret that I can't dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages, being pajama pants and not an actual Pez dispenser. And second, I regret that I have not been featured in one of those modeling shows. I think I would be a natural up there on the runway, as I do my little turn on the catwalk. But one thing I don't regret is being who I am. I am Pez Pajama Pants, hear me roar!

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