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Five Questions for Crazy OctopusPez

Crazy Octopus Pez
Crazy Octopus Pez may look preoccupied, but he is ready, willing, and able to offer up a Pez to anyone who may want one.

Pezhead Monthly: Crazy Octopus Pez, you are part of the Crazy Zoo set, which has been retired from production in Europe but which recently has resurfaced as part of the Safari Animals set exclusive to Pez.com. How does it feel to be back?

Crazy Octopus Pez: Let me tell you, it feels great! Woo hoo! Although I really do need to quote one of my idols, Mr. LL Cool J, when he says, Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years. Any casual browser of eBay's Pez pages will recognize me a regular, much like Buddy Hackett was on the Johnny Carson show.

PM: You have just earned my deep respect for mentioning both LL Cool J and Johnny Carson in the same breath. I should just stop the interview here, but somehow I cannot. I guess I need to ask, what's so crazy about being an octopus?

COP: In and of itself, not much. True, I am an unusual shade of purple, and true, I am wearing a scuba mask and peering kind of strangely off to the side, but when you strip all that away, I'm just like your typical Pez dispenser. I put my pants on one leg at a time. Granted, it takes me a bit longer being an octopus and all, but what are you going to do.

PM: That is truly inspiring, Crazy Octopus Pez. I should make it clear at this

point that, with all due respect, you are not a vintage dispenser. The vintage Octopus dispenser is a highly treasured collectible, while you are not quite so highly treasured. How does that make you feel?

COP: Well thanks a lot! I'm really looking forward to your self-esteem seminar!! Seriously though, I get what you are saying. Often times, upon hearing of an Octopus Pez in the area, a collector's facial expression goes from "Oh boy, I'm gonna get me a vintage!" to "Oh crap, not him again!" when they actually see me. But I have learned from my colleagues that every Pez is highly treasured. Even us non-vintage ones, fancy boy.

PM: Wow, I am sorry if I touched a nerve there, Crazy Octopus Pez. Would it help if I told you that I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus's garden in the shade?

COP: Ah, you know my favorite song! All is forgiven, I suppose. And to think I was considering dispensing ink in your general direction, as opposed to the fruity goodness that I typically dispense to kids of all ages.

PM: Well, I would have had it coming, that's for sure. Finally, Crazy Octopus Pez, what is that you are looking at out of the corner of your eye?

COP: Why, it's someone coming by to load me up with some delicious Pez candy, of course. They've got an assorted package, so it will be a little bit of everything. Wouldn't that put a smile on your face too?

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