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Five Questions and a Victory March for Notre Dame Football Pez

Five Questions and a Victory March for the Notre Dame Football Pez Dispenser top of page | cover page

Notre Dame Football Pez
Oh, snap! Notre Dame Football Pez tackles the tough issues of the day.


Pezhead Monthly: Notre Dame Football Pez, thanks very much for joining us. You are one of the newest dispensers in the growing NCAA Football set, which includes such other teams as Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio State. Has it sunk in yet that you are now part of the grand Pez tradition?

Notre Dame Football Pez: A little more every day. I know that Pez has been around for some 80 years now, including more than 50 years in America. That's a lot of history to be proud of there. And of course, Notre Dame Fighting Irish football has been around even longer than that. It is humbling to not only be preceded by Pez legends like Casper, Mickey Mouse, and Make-A-Face, but also by Notre Dame legends like Knute Rockne, Lou Holtz, and Joe Montana. I can only hope to have half the class that they did.

PM: How true that is. Now, fast-forwarding to the present, and with a sincere attempt to be delicate about this, it's clear that the 2007 won't exactly go down in history as Notre Dame football's greatest year. How are you handling it all?

NDFP: Well, it's a little hard when you watch your team hurting so much week after week. And the occasional taunts by Ohio State Football Pez don't help, either,

although at the end of the day, we're all on the same Pez team. And I know that my Pez brothers and sisters can relate to Notre Dame's woes, because it was just a few years ago when new Pez was few and far between. Those were lean years, but now new Pez is being released at a staggering pace. Hopefully my football team can pick up the pace in the next year or two as well.

PM: I certainly hope so, Notre Dame Football Pez, I certainly hope so. Do you see any other parallels between Notre Dame football and Pez?

NDFP: Well for one, both have their devoted fans. People will travel all around the country to watch Notre Dame get their game on. Likewise, Pezheads can go from coast to coast and then back throughout the year to the various Pez conventions. Plus, when Notre Dame scores, their fans go nuts, much like when Pezheads find a new score. I could go on and on. You see, ND fans and Pezheads are more alike then you may realize.

PM: I suppose you've got a point there. Now it bears mentioning that you are not as widely available as many other current Pez dispensers. Does that ever make you jealous of them?

NDFP: Not at all, no. As with other NCAA Football Pez, I'm pretty much only available in locations near the campus of my namesake. And, of course, on eBay and at Pez conventions. But you know, my feeling is that if people are that eager to add me to their collection, or maybe to give me as a unique gift for a loved one, then it just makes it that much more special when they find me.

PM: That's a quite charming way of looking at it, Notre Dame Football Pez. Lastly, in your brief time as a part of your collector's… um… collection, have there been any awkward moments for you?

NDFP: Well a few days ago, I noticed something off in the distance. It was so beautiful, so marvelous, that it darn near brought a tear to me eye, and I think it would have, if I had tear ducts, or eyes for that matter. It was that famed gold dome of the Notre Dame campus, the one so often photographed, and the one that is the inspiration for the gold painted helmets of the Notre Dame football team. But then I got a closer look and it was actually the head of C3PO Pez. He noticed me staring at him, gave me a weird look, and that was pretty much that.

PM: Wow, that is a little awkward. I feel your pain, Notre Dame Football Pez, both for the 2007 football season woes, and that little faux pas with C3PO Pez. That being said, perhaps this re-imagined Victory March will send you off in good spirits.

Notre Dame Pez Victory March
To the tune of the Notre Dame Victory March
Copyright 2007 JoePez Publications

Cheer Cheer for Notre Dame Pez
Tilt back its head and watch it dispense
Fruity goodness nice and quick,
All in the shape of a candy brick.
What though the crowd be great or small,
Notre Dame Pez will dispense for all,
While the loyal Pezheads will be
Putting it on the shelf.

NDFP: Thanks so much. I am now ready to go out and Play Like A Champion Today. Or, at least dispense like one.

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