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Five Questions for Mystical Crystal Pez

Mystical Crystal Pez
The future looks bright for Mystical Crystal Ball Pez.

Pezhead Monthly: It's an honor to have you joining us, Mystical Crystal Ball Pez. You used to be an exclusive on the Pez.com website, and these days are mostly found at Pez conventions and eBay. How does it feel to be a part of the Pez family?

Mystical Crystal Ball Pez: I knew you were going to ask me that! No, seriously, I knew it…. Because I can see the future. The future! But I will answer your question anyway. It feels pretty good to be me. For one, I am one of only a select few dispensers that get their own stand, and join other such as Earth Pez and the crystal Star Wars and Sesame Street dispensers. That's quite an honor, and a big help too considering I don't have any feet and would otherwise topple over.

PM: Now that is interesting. You believe that you would topple over without your stand, even though you could predict the future, and perhaps take steps to avoid such tragedy?

I've seen it millions of times in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat. That's one thing I am sure I can not avoid, no matter how many times I see it coming.

PM: I imagine that must be maddening, Mystical Crystal Ball Pez. How else do your psychic powers come into play?

MCBP: Well, it's not like I'm going around predicting the future of anything and everything. It just kind of happens. For instance, I always know when the Seinfeld Pez episode will be on. Unfortunately, I can't reach the remote control, and I don't have Tivo, so I'm pretty much up a creek on that one. Speaking of TV, I'm also deadly when "Jeopardy!" comes on. It's getting to the point where other Pez dispensers don't want to watch it with me, because I'm always shouting out the answers before the contestants do. Ken Jennings has nothing on me, baby!

PM: That's an amazing gift you have there. Is there ever a case where your powers can be put to the wrong use?

MCBP: Oh, certainly. For instance, I pretty much know what stores in the local area have all the new Pez dispensers. In fact I frequently have visions of grocery store workers stocking the shelves full of bags and cards of new Pez. But do I tell my collector about it? Heck no. I know how much he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, and if he's really dying to know where they are, he can interact with other Pezheads on the Web to see if they can help him out. Having me just tell him where to go would spoil all of his fun. And why would I want to do that after all he has done for me?

PM: That is truly big of you, Mystical Crystal Ball Pez. Finally, what are your thoughts on the future of Pez?

MCBP: Well, I believe that Pez will continue to be an amazing thing that brings joy and wonder into all kinds of people's lives. I also see Pez continuing to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. But to be fair, it doesn't really take a crystal ball to predict that.

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