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Three Questions and a Song for the 2012 Muppet Pez

Rhino Pez
Kermit Pez, Miss Piggy Pez, and Animal Pez are movin' right along.

Pezhead Monthly: It’s my honor to be interviewing one of the newest and coolest Pez dispenser sets out there: The Muppets. This is a new generation of Muppet Pez, following up on the original set- Kermit Pez, Miss Piggy Pez, Fozzie Bear Pez, and Gonzo Pez- as well as quite a few revisions to that set. This time around, we are treated to an all-new Kermit Pez and Miss Piggy Pez, and, for the first time ever, a quite awesome Animal Pez.

Kermit Pez, I’ll start with you. How does it feel to once again be a big hit in the Pez world?

Kermit Pez: It’s such a wonderful feeling, and we definitely owe a big thanks to everyone who helped make the new Muppet movielast year. Without that movie we may not even have gotten Pez updates. Actually… I shouldn’t say that. We Muppets, just like Pez dispensers, have been around forever, and we always will be. And both Muppets and Pez have fans that celebrate and adore us- which makes us such a good fit. I have to admit that I miss Fozzie Bear Pez and Gonzo Pez, but then again all I have to do is look further on down the shelf and they’re right there. And who knows, maybe someday other friends like Rowlf, Scooter, and Beaker will be lucky enough to join the Pez family too.

PM: One can certainly hope, Kermit Pez. That would make one heck of a collector set! Turning to you, Miss Piggy Pez, you have already had quite the history as a Pez dispenser. You’ve had different stems, some eyelashes, and entirely new redesigns. And yet you’re always the same Miss Piggy. How do you manage to keep rocking the world, time after time?

Miss Piggy Pez: At last! Someone finally recognizes me for the star that I am! Besides my Kermee, of course. He is always there for me. As for all of my changes, what can I say? I am a woman who likes to keep up with the times. The fashion, the glitz, the glamour. And what can be more glamorous than being a Pez dispenser? You are literally put on a pedestal for everyone to see. Sure, it’s only 4 inches high, but it’s a start! And with my… um… our new movie, the time has never been better to celebrate with Pez! Hi-Ya!

PM: You never fail to amaze, Miss Piggy. Finally, I turn to you, Animal Pez. You’ve been quiet this whole time, although I notice that you’ve been shaking over there in the corner like someone put a grasshopper in your shorts. Do you have anything to add to your fellow Muppet Pez, perhaps some profound thoughts on your first time on a Pez dispenser, or maybe you can expound on the state of the world today?


PM: I see. Well, there’s really only one place to go from here. Kermit Pez, bring us home!

KP: You got it.

To My Pez Collection
(To the tune of "The Rainbow Connection")
Copyright 2012 JoePez Publications

Why are there so many Pez on the store shelves
That I have already got?
I’m out ev’ry weekend, hopin’ and seekin’,
A Pez score would sure hit the spot
Some say that I should not be so persistent
But sooner or later they’ll see,
Someday I’ll add more to my Pez collection
Dispensers, displaying so sweet

Who said that every Pez that ever existed
Would be found in my display?
All that I’m askin’, is ev’ry now and then
For Pez fortune to flip my way
It’s so infecting to be Pez collecting,
The next one could be down the street
Someday I’ll add more to my Pez collection
Dispensers, displaying so sweet

Checkin’ the checkout display,
Wishin’ for some kind of magic…

I’ve got a feeling this might be the moment,
The Pez drought is destined to pass,
Or maybe it’s nothin’, but I’ll still keep huntin’ 
And I’ve got a full tank of gas
I’ve felt it too many times to ignore it,
The thrill of Pez discovery
Someday I’ll add more to my Pez collection

Dispensers, displaying so sweet

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