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Five Questions for Mummy Pez

Mummy Pez is eager to unwrap the joys of Halloween.
Pezhead Monthly: Mummy Pez, you are part of the new 2003 Pez Halloween set, along with Skeleton Pez, Jack-O-Lantern Pez, and a new Witch Pez. How does it feel to be a part of the Pez family, and a glow-in-the-dark dispenser to top it off?

Mummy Pez: This has been the most exciting time of my short life, because I am glowing on the inside as well as on the outside. It is such an honor to join the ranks of this esteemed group of fine, fine dispensers. I'll tell you, when the Halloween set was updated last year, I think everyone was surprised when just a year later another update was released.

PM: Yes, Mummy Pez, but this is no ordinary Pez update. With all due respect to your predecessors, you and your three compatriots boast a refreshingly modern and lively design. Have you experienced any jealousy from the older dispensers as a result of this?

It was a little rough at first. I'd hear the whispers as I was hanging on the display, the odd glances here and there from my fellow dispensers. One time someone actually accused me of not being a mummy, but rather a giant set of pink buttocks peeking through a bunch of noodles. But you know, that was then and this is now. We're one big, happy Pez family now.

PM: Well, that doesn't sound like jealousy as much as it does some friendly ribbing, although I am glad to hear that it's over. Speaking of ribbing, what's up with the painted ribs on your buddy Skeleton Pez, and the bats on the new Witch Pez? Is that some kind of war paint or what?

MP: Oh no, Skeleton Pez is a gentle dispenser. He enjoys sunny afternoons and the smell of cookies baking. As for Witch Pez, she likes to mellow out with some Norah Jones and reruns of "Hollywood Squares." She wouldn't harm a fly, really. But I think the dispenser markings are just part of an effort by Pez to spice up its dispensers a bit. It is a new century, you know. Plus, some of the very earliest dispensers had markings on them too. Need I bring up Bozo Pez or the original Psychedelic Eye Pez?

PM: Point well taken. It's always nice to see something different on a dispenser. Do you have any plans for this, your first Halloween as a Pez dispenser?

MP: With any luck, I will be dispensing fruity goodness to kids of all ages. But I would settle for being put on a prominent display by my collector's front door, so that when all the little trick-or-treaters peek in the house while getting their candy- Pez candy, of course- they can see me peeking back at them. That would really be a Kodak moment.

PM: That sounds like a simply wonderful time, Mummy Pez. Have we covered everything you wanted to talk about, or do you have anything else you would like to share at this time?

MP: No, I guess that's a wrap! Ha ha! Get it? I'm a mummy, so it's a wrap! Oh, man.

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