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Five Questions for Mini Cooper Pez

Rock on down the highway with Mini Cooper Pez, who is hard at work on his auto-biography.
Pezhead Monthly: Mini Cooper Pez, you are one of the four Pez dispensers in the European release of the "Mr. Bean" Pez set. Essentially, you are a Pez dispenser based on a cartoon show, which was in turn based on the popular "Mr. Bean" television show, upon which was also based a movie. How do you keep it all together?

Mini Cooper Pez: It's a juggling act sometimes, to be sure. It's been great hanging out with Bean and the crew. But I'll tell you, one of the best things that ever happened to me was when I was finally, at long last, immortalized on a Pez dispenser. I mean, talk about a boost. I have a reputation as a small car out on the open road, but atop a Pez dispenser I'm livin' large.

PM: That's incredibly good to hear, Mini Cooper Pez. Do you ever get frustrated at the fact that, despite having wheels, you are helplessly suspended at the top of a Pez dispenser, as opposed to cruising down the street?

It really does require a change of mindset. There is definitely something to be said about taking a long drive down the highway. But I'm telling you, on my 4-inch plastic pedestal, I can feel the serenity of the world around me. Plus, I'm much less likely to get a speeding ticket as a Pez dispenser.

PM: Well, no argument there. Mini Cooper Pez, what are your thoughts on the recent automotive trend towards reissuing classic cars in updated formats? In recent years we have seen the Volkswagen Beetle, the Plymouth Cruiser, and of course the Mini Cooper too. Are the classics truly better, or is modern the way to go?

MCP: My position has always been: why not both? Even though I am designed after one of the early Mini Cooper models, I think in a sense you have to realize that the times, they are a-changin'. Look at Garfield Pez, he had a nifty update a few years back to coincide with his updated look in the comic strip. The same can be said for my buds in the Disney and Looney Toons sets. I think it's great when we have our little Pez get-togethers and all different generations can get together and have a good time. The same applies towards automotive trends, although cars are a lot harder to fit on a shelf for display purposes.

PM: That sounds like a healthy philosophy, indeed. Who do you count as your inspirations in the Pez world?

MCP: Without a shadow of a doubt, I'd have to say the Pez trucks. They didn't just grace the tops of the dispensers, man, they were the dispensers. Way back when, they even had wheels that moved! They showed me that being a hip vehicle and a groovy Pez dispenser do not have to be mutually exclusive. I think that without them, I and my contemporary colleague Scoop (from the US Bob the Builder set) would be without hope or direction.

PM: Well, I think we've pretty much covered everything. Do you have anything else you'd like to pass along to the Pez community at this time?

MCP: Oh, just the usual stuff, I suppose. Watch your speed, wear your seat belts, and get your oil changed on a regular basis. And remember, kids, a car ride can be a great way to spend an autumn afternoon, but it's even better if you plan on picking up some Pez along the way.

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