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Three Questions for Mike Wazowski Pez

Mike Wazowski Pez has his eye on you.

Pezhead Monthly: Mike Wazowski Pez, thanks very much for joining us. By way of introduction to our readers, you are one of the new Pixar series of Pez dispensers, which also includes Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, and your old buddy Sully from "Monster's Inc." You've certainly come a long way since your movie came out in 2001. What are your thoughts on this?

Mike Wazowski Pez: Two thoughts, man- wow and double wow. One day you are making a living by scaring children and before you know it, you are sitting on their shelves as their newest Pez dispenser, or possibly even their first. I am sure Sully is feeling the same way. I gotta tell you, sometimes I miss the opportunity to frighten children. Fortunately there are still plenty of English nannies, brussel sprouts, and clowns to fill that void.

PM: Well, I see your point. But now that you're a Pez dispenser, it must be a whole new world. What kinds of wacky adventures have you gotten yourself into over the past few months?

MWP: I'll tell you, dispensing fruity goodness to kids of all ages is always an adventure for a Pez dispenser. But Sully Pez and I still make

a great team, and sometimes our old habits die hard. For example, we like to sneak up on Chicken Little Pez and yell "Look out, Colonel Sanders is coming!" Ah, that never gets old. He scares so easy anyway. In fact one time he got so scared when we snuck up on him that he tipped over, causing the rest of the row of Pez dispensers to tip over. We got some dirty looks after that, but we are trying to be better.

PM: That is good to hear, Mike Wazowski Pez. At this point I must remark on your unique design, with the one feature that most stands out on being the fact that you only have one eye. Have you noticed this having any effect on your interactions with other dispensers or with Pez enthusiasts?

MWP: Well, at first I got stuff like "What's shakin', Cyclops?" from other dispensers. It almost hurt my feelings but I soon realized they meant it in a friendly way, and ever since then we have gotten along just fine. As for Pez enthusiasts, I have gotten a pretty warm reception. It's just a guess, but I think it's because in a sense my one-eye look is a callback to the days of the classic Psychedelic Eye Pez and Psychedelic Flower Pez, which both had one eye. I can't think of any other Pez dispensers with only one eye. In fact… no, there's not one eye can think of!

Editor's note: Although far worse puns have been dispensed in the past in this publication, and far worse puns have yet to be dispensed, it's time to put the foot down. Therefore, this interview has been cancelled due to bad punnery on the part of Mike Wazowski Pez. But, as long as we are on the topic…

Five Fast Facts About Mike Wazowski Pez:

Favorite Marlon Brando Movie: "One-Eyed Jacks"
Favorite type of corrective lens: The monocle
Favorite Queen song: "One Vision"
Favorite X-men Hero: Cyclops
Favorite lyric from Metallica's "Enter Sandman": "Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight."

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