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Five Questions for the Pezamania Lanyard

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Pezamania Lanyard
The Pezamania lanyard hangs in there.

Pezhead Monthly: Pezamania Lanyard, thanks for joining us. You are part of the registration package that every attendee receives when they arrive at Pezamania. What are your thoughts on being one of the first pieces of swag that each Pezamaniac receives??

Pezamania Lanyard: It’s an honor, to be sure. And although it’s tempting to jump right into the party, I must remember that I have an important duty: I hold the glorious Pezamania badge, which each attendee must wear in order to go room hopping or to attend any official Pezamania event. On this badge are the attendee’s name and hometown. These aren’t just words on a piece of paper, they are conversation starters and perhaps springing boards to new, lifelong Pez friendships. So, it may only be a light badge, but I consider it a heavy responsibility.

PM: That’s truly inspiring, indeed. Now, sorry to ask a possibly uncomfortable question, but do you ever wish you were black or blue, or some other color than that bright neon green? It really makes you stand out, and I could imagine that sometimes all of that attention may be overwhelming?

PL: It’s a little overwhelming, but I think I can live with it. I’d rather be easy to pick out than not, because I am so important to be worn. Plus, you know, it’s a Pez convention. I want to stand out and be seen! It’s the equivalent of the red carpet in Hollywood, except Joan Rivers isn’t making fun of me. Although if you look at it another way, I don’t really stand out if everyone is wearing me. It’s kind of weird seeing yourself everywhere you turn, but it does give you a sense of community. And if there is one thing Pez is about, it’s community.

PM: Well put, Pezamania Lanyard. On the flip side of this redeeming sense of community, are there any difficult aspects of being you?

PL: I would say more than anything, there is a strong sense of regret. I mean, I go into room after room and I see hundreds if not thousands of Pez dispensers on display. And while I can adorn any Pezamania attendee, I will always be unable to fit around a Pez dispenser, due to their obvious lack of shoulders.  I wish just once that I can hang with those dudes. Nothing against Pezheads, they are an awesome bunch, but how cool would it be to worn around an actual Pez dispenser? I guess it’s a good thing anyway, because I am so big that I would probably tip them over.

PM: Well, I certainly feel your pain. But would you say that, on the whole, the positives of being a Pezamania lanyard outweigh the negatives?

KP: Oh, most definitely. And perhaps the most positive part is dreaming of the possibilities. Once the Pez convention is over, there’s a good chance that I’ll be put in a shelf, or maybe as part of someone’s Pez display. And that would be cool enough. But who knows? Maybe someone will decide to continue using me, perhaps as a replacement for their own plain, boring lanyard at work. And that could bring a smile to that Pezhead’s face even after the convention, not to mention anyone else who sees it. Maybe the boss, in a moment of grace after seeing the Pezamania lanyard, will decide that those TPS reports don’t need to be completed by Saturday after all. Maybe a coworker will even decide to look into the world of Pez, and become a Pezhead themselves. Imagine that!

PM: It truly warms the soul, I must say. Finally, Pezamania Lanyard, if you can be anywhere in this world right now, where would you be?

KP: I’m cool right here, just hanging around.

Five Fast Facts About The Pezamania Lanyard

Favorite New Kids on the Block Song: Hangin’ Tough
Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie: Hang ‘Em High
Favorite TV Show from the 90s: Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper
Favorite Game: Words With Friends, although Hangman is a close second
Favorite Word That Rhymes With Lanyard: Spaniard

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