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Five Questions for Jungle Mission Pez

Jungle Mission Pez
The versatility of the Jungle Mission Pez boggles the mind.

Pezhead Monthly: Jungle Mission Pez, you are one of the newest Pez dispensers out there. For those readers unfamiliar with you, why don't you describe yourself?

Jungle Mission Pez: Well, I like long walks on the beach, a nice, hearty chicken alfredo, and the musical stylings of Mr. Englebert Humperdinck.

PM: While that is quite interesting to learn, I was hoping you could give us some details about your life as a Pez dispenser. What sets you apart from other Pez?

JMP: Actually, a lot of things make me a unique Pez collectible. Have you ever heard the term "Renaissance Man"? Well, I am a "Renaissance Pez," baby. Do you want light? I have a flashlight. Do you want to read that small print? I have a magnifying glass. Do you need to measure stuff? I have a ruler. Do you get lost easily? I have a compass. Heck, I even have a handy

clip that can attack to a backpack or any number of similar items. Why, I've got everything under the sun, except for the ability to make waffles. But don't hold me to that, because you never know when Pez will make a Jungle Mission Pez reissue.

PM: Wow, you truly do have it all. No offense intended, but I'm also noticing that you aren't exactly that modest about all of your features, are you?

JMP: Well, you know, it's hard to be humble when you are as multifaceted as I am.

PM: Point taken, I suppose. Jungle Mission Pez, out of all of your state-of-the-art features, which one do you think provides the best benefit to the Pez community?

JMP: Well, in spite of all my various gadgets, I think the best benefit I can provide is to continue dispensing the fruity goodness that is Pez to kids of all ages. You can get lost, get stuck in the dark, or find yourself without a way to measure things, but if you don't have a Pez, you're truly out in the cold.

PM: That is a very good point from a very colorful and unique dispenser. Jungle Mission Pez, you bring to mind a spirit of adventure and exploration, from your totem pole-style design to your very interesting display card, and of course all of your many attached tools. What are your thoughts on how this spirit fits into the larger picture of Pez collecting?

  Jungle Mission Pez
When viewed by the naked eye, a Pez wrapper is impressive. Shown here magnified by Jungle Mission Pez, it is simply breathtaking.

JMP: I have to say that when I think of Pez, I immediately think of adventure. The thrill of the hunt, the intrigue, the drama, it is all there. After all, how many other hobbies require you to hop in your car and travel the world, or at least the interstate, in search of so many characters and colors, stem variations, and countless new and vintage dispensers? Instead of going to the movies, save your money, hit the road, and be the star of your own Pez adventure.

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