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Five Questions for Iron Man Pez

Steel a glance at Iron Man Pez.


Pezhead Monthly: Iron Man Pez, thanks for joining us. You are part of the new Marvel Heroes Pez dispenser set, along with Hulk Pez, Spider-Man Pez, and Wolverine Pez. What are your thoughts on now being a part of the wondrous story of Pez?

Iron Man Pez: Well, I am just so incredibly thrilled. And grateful, too- I recognize that if it wasn't for the big 2008 movie Iron Man, I would probably not be standing here today. Before that movie I wasn't as much on the radar as other heroes like Batman or Spider-Man, and now I'm in the big leagues. And somehow I made it as a Pez dispenser before Superman did. Ha ha, suck it Kal-El! (pauses) Sorry, that wasn't right. I am sure Supes will get his day eventually.

PM: I am sure he will too. Now, it should be noted, you are the only one out of the four new Marvel Pez who is not a newer version of a previous dispenser. What are your thoughts on joining the Pez family under these circumstances?

IMP: I know that Hulk Pez, Spidey Pez, and to a lesser extent Wolverine Pez come from a long line of Pez descendants, or Pezcendants if you will. But it's kind of exciting being the new guy on the shelf. You get a fresh slate, and everyone isn't always comparing you with your older brother. You get to set your own path. And who knows, maybe someday there will be an Iron Man Pez remake, and I will get to impart my wisdom to a young 'un.

PM: That is something to look forward to, Iron Man Pez, especially since Iron Man 2 will be coming out next year. I am wondering though, since the superhero that inspired your creation is metal, are you having problems adjusting to a life of plastic?

IMP: You'd think that it would be a problem, being made of a weaker substance, being less shiny, being more susceptible to breakage. But it's not so bad, really. After all, many of the Star Wars dispensers, as well as the robot from Meet the Robinsons and many more have made the transition with flying colors. I think I have a good chance given that track record.

PM: That's true. Plus, even though you are not metal, except for the spring of course, you still have a magnetic personality, right?

IMP: Well, I'd like to think that I am generally an agreeable fellow. I try to... wait, I see what you did there. "Magnetic personality." That's funny. You're a real comedian, buddy.

PM: Sorry, Iron Man Pez, I couldn't resist. Do you have any final thoughts on being a part of the evergrowing Pez family?

IMP: Well, I have to say, in a world where Iron Man is already a well-established superhero, triathlon, and Black Sabbath song, it's nice that "Pez dispenser" can also be added to the list. Just like my comic counterpart fights terrorism, corporate crime, and assorted evildoers, I will fight boredom, lameness, and assorted packages of Pez. Well, I won't be fighting the assorted Pez and much as accommodating them, I suppose. I probably should work on ironing out that analogy a little more. Fortunately, I am Iron Man, so I've got that covered.

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