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Five Questions for Extreme Goofy Pez

Pezhead Monthly: Extreme Goofy Pez, you are part of one of the newest sets of Pez dispensers available in stores, the Extreme Disney set. Why Extreme Disney Pez, and why now?

Extreme Goofy Pez: Well, just look around and you'll find your answer. Today we live in a world of extremes. We have extreme batteries, extreme laundry detergent, extreme volleyball, and extreme deodorant. I believe we even have extreme peanut butter. So why not extreme Pez, then? I say it's long overdue.

PM: Yes, but haven't your Looney Tunes Pez counterparts already beaten you to the punch a few years back?

EGF: Actually, that's a common misconception. The Looney Tunes set that you are referring to is the Cool Looney Tunes set. Me wearing headphones, that's extreme. Pluto Pez chomping on a bone, well, that's extreme, too. And yes, Sylvester Pez might look cool in those sunglasses. But "extreme"? I don't think so.

PM: Well, I suppose you do have a point. But is there a fear amongst your Extreme Disney Pez set that you might scare off some of the more traditional Pez collectors, who may prefer a more, shall we say, conventional look to their dispensers?

EGF: Well, here is the thing. You can dress us up in bowties and edgy countenances, and in comparison to someone like Panda Pez, yes, we may seem to have a lot more going on. But ultimately, a dispenser is a dispenser is a dispenser. The joy of finding a new dispenser in the stores, of freeing it from its wrapper, of loading it up with sweet, delectable Pez candy, and sharing it with kids of all ages, that transcends whatever flashiness there might be in the design of the dispenser. To paraphrase a popular song, all in all we're just candy brick dispensers in the wall.

PM: Incredibly deep, Extreme Goofy Pez, incredibly deep. But now that we've established that you are indeed extreme, can you elaborate on your goofiness? How does your being extreme relate to your being goofy?

EGF: Well, I'm a little bit extreme, a little bit goofy. Kind of like being a little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll. But where the extreme part of me is natural (I've got a "Born to be Wild" tattoo on the inside of my stem. I'm bad news, baby.), the goofiness kind of comes with my name. That's what people expect of me, so that's what they get. I mean, if I were Extreme Lounge Singer Pez, you'd catch me in Las Vegas on the weekends singing "Strangers in the Night".

PM: Well, I suppose I would. Finally, Extreme Goofy Pez, the question that America, nay, the world, needs to know the answer to: just what on Earth are you listening to with those headphones?

EGF: I'm listening to motivational tapes, you know, learning how to get in touch with my inner Pez. Oh, and also Less Than Jake. I'm telling you, man, that band really speaks to me.

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