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Five Questions for Crystal Polar Bear Pez

Crystal Polar Bear Pez keeps it cool.


Pezhead Monthly: Crystal Polar Bear Pez, thanks very much for joining us. You are one of the three variations of the new Polar Bear Pez dispensers this year, and along with the Santa hauler are the newest additions to the Pez Christmas lineup. What are your thoughts on this monumentous occasion?

Crystal Polar Bear Pez: I am nearly speechless, but will try to hold it together for at least the next five questions or so. I mean, it would have been overwhelming enough to be the only new Christmas Pez released this year. But when I heard that there were three different variations of me? It was like three times the fun. And when you throw the Santa hauler into the mix, well, I just don't know what to say.

PM: I see. Now, can you elaborate on these 3 different variations?

CPBP: Well, first off, let me stress that no one variation is better than another. We're all a part of the big Pez family and that's all that matters. The original variation, the one that started it all, is the non-crystal polar bear without snowflakes on the stem. I envy this brother of mine, because he's pretty much everywhere Christmas Pez are sold. He'll be harder to find, being a newbie and

all, but he'll still be everywhere. The second variation is only available at Walgreens this year, and it's the non-crystal polar bear with snowflakes on it. And then there's me, the crystal variation. As far as I know I've only been spotted at Wal-Mart, and of course online at places like eBay.

PM: Wow, that's a lot to digest, Crystal Polar Bear Pez. Do you sometimes feel like you'll be overlooked amidst all the other new Pez?

CPBP: You know, Wal-Mart is a very popular store, so I think I'll be okay. And the way I look at it, the more the merrier. I mean, there's something for everybody this year. For the card collectors, I'm available on at least four different cards, counting the Wal-Mart short card and the Target exclusive pack with bonus candy rolls. Plus you count the Christmas tube and bagged versions… well, it's a great time to be a Pezhead, or even just a casual Pez peruser.

PM: You've got a point there. Are there any specific advantages to being a crystal variation?

CPBP: From what I've heard from other crystal Pez during my brief time in the collection so far, it's a fun ride through and through. Although to be fair, that could be said for any Pez dispenser. For me, not only being crystal but also a Christmas dispenser, I'd like to think it gives the impression that my head is made of ice. Which, by the way, I am very glad is not the case. Otherwise, I would just melt away and be unable to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages.

PM: When you put it that way, Crystal Polar Bear Pez, I'm glad too. Finally, what is your Christmas wish this year?

All three Polar Bear Pez variations, together at last.

CPBP: Well, I could be selfish and say that I wish everyone would get their fine selves over to Wal-Mart, look for me near the Christmas candy section, and add me to their collection. Or that a Christmas Pez dispenser, not necessarily me, is in the stocking of every boy and girl this Christmas morning. But when it comes down to it, what I really wish for is Pez on Earth and goodwill toward men.

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