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Five Questions for Crystal Crocodile Pez

Crystal Crocodile Pez Plush
The Crystal Crocodile Pez has got nothing to hide. What about you, Slim?


Pezhead Monthly: Crystal Crocodile Pez, thanks for joining us. How are things these days?

Crystal Crocodile Pez: Not bad, not bad. And let me tell you, it's great to be here. My cousin, Crazy Octopus Pez, had a great time speaking with you several months back. He did tell me that you put him on the spot by calling into question his craziness, but other than that he had nothing but glowing things to say about you.

PM: Well thanks very much. Crystal Crocodile Pez, you are the first ever "crystal" Pez dispenser interviewed by this publication. What's the most important thing you can say about being a crystal dispenser?

CCP: Well, I do need to clarify one thing: I am not, in fact, made of crystal. So if you see me, please don't pull off my head and try to pawn it for rent money. In addition to being immoral, it is also rather painful from my perspective.

PM: That's a good point. I also notice that you bear a strong resemblance to the Crocodile Pez dispenser. Is that a coincidence?

CCP: Funny you should ask. You know that old phrase, "when they made you, they broke the mold"? Well, that's not quite true for me, even though I am my own unique being. You see, Pez realized that re-using the molds for their normal dispensers would mean a whole new set of Pez dispensers to collect. So my brother, Crocodile Pez, brought about me, Crystal Crocodile Pez. In turn, I I brought about Colored Crystal Crocodile Pez. And who knows where we'll go from there. But not being a "first gen" Pez dispenser does have its advantages.

PM: Very interesting. Can you elaborate on what some of those advantages are?

CCP: Well, I hate to call up another old phrase, but it is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You see, I try to be humble about things, but I am after all a specialty dispenser. You won't find me in stores. Rather, you'll have to pick me up on eBay or at Pez conventions, or if you're lucky the occasional flea market or antique mall. And there is always Pez.com. But because I am not found in stores, it increases my worth, as well as my self-worth.

PM: I see how that would be the case. Lastly, Crystal Crocodile Pez, are there any pitfalls that come with being a crystal Pez dispenser?

CCP: Well, overall it's a great ride. I get to hang out with my buddies and I also get to dispense fruity goodness to kids of all ages. But sometimes it's a little embarrassing knowing that people can see right through me. Don't get me wrong, I think transparency is an excellent quality, just not when it comes to my head. When people look at me sometimes I feel like they can see and know everything about me, even the flavor of candy that I am about to dispense. A little mystery is a good thing. But then I relax and just say to myself, "Self, what have you got to hide? Let the world see your Pez!" Because that's really what it's all about.

Five Fast Facts About Crystal Crocodile Pez:

Favorite country singer: Crystal Gayle
Favorite beverage: Crystal Light
Favorite Beatles song: "I'm Looking Through You"
Favorite comedian: Billy Crystal
Favorite book: "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass"

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