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Pezhead Monthly
One Question For, And An Impromptu
Love Song From, Cherub Pez

Pezhead Monthly: Cherub Pez, I wonder, wonder who, mm-bad-oo-ooh...who wrote the book of Pez love?

Cherub Pez: Well see, that's an interesting question. If you are talking about the price of Pez love, I would refer you to the Laspina Guide. But if you are looking for some great pictures of Pez love, I'd have to say that the Collector's Guide to Pez is the way to go. But you know, there are lots of books of Pez love out there. And who knows what other ones will be coming down the way?

On that note, how about a little song?

I Love Pez
To the tune of "The Love Boat" TV theme song as popularized by Jack Jones
Copyright 2009 JoePez Publications

Pez, exciting and new.
Load it up, it was made for you
Pez, life's sweetest reward.
Tilt it back, there's a treat for you

I love Pez, loaded with sugary, fruity fun
I love Pez, poppin' out candies for ev'ryone
Set them up on a shelf and
You'll get such a wondrous high

And Pez won't be alone anymore,
It'll be displayed, it'll be adored
It's PEZ (load it again)
It's PE-EH-EZ!

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